September 7, 2009

Always Another Elephant

Wandering among the familiar, an elephant at the Wild Animal Park, 2007.

Himself: Walked with swap meet, puttered with boxes, met and greeted. Today we are delivering the new, used, free printer to Escondido for Lessa. School starts tomorrow.

Herself: Even tho I wore a hat, I ended up knocked out by the sun after walking the swap meet. Flat out immovable. Whatever the side effects of that virus we had in the 1970's still lingers. And yes, after exhaustive research, tomatoe and potatoe are the wrong spellings of those words. My only excuse, father couldn't spell either. Oh, woe is me.....called to task by G'daughter Mohave.

Reading: Nothing at the moment. Just wait. There's some book in the wings with its pages reaching out to me.

Balance: The coolness of the living room, eating dinner on a table, wearing a sweater home last night at nine.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Just stunningly beautiful. We didn't make it to the swapmeet early enough tho, and the sun turned the tarmac into an oven. I'm always looking for Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume I". Teach me to lend a cookbook out. I found many replacements on in the hundreds of dollars. I don't think so.

Home, while himself puttered, I recovered from the heat. Slowly.

Then continuing my daily spurts of learning, I turned on Word 2007. My goal here is to find out how to close all the pages while keeping the program open. With the last two Words, one could do this. Easily.
Oh, I can now make color backgrounds, do all the stuff I could before plus uncounted new stuff I didn't know I needed, and when I click the X, the whole program is gone. Wrong, I want to save and close the pages I am writing then start a new project without shutting down the program itself. Have I found a way to do this yet? No.

Giving this up in disgust for the moment, I pounded my first trimmed pork cutlets 1/4 inch, I sliced onions and peaches, I snacked on a teaspoon of brown sugar....oh, guilt, sautéed the veggies and cutlets in a tiny spray of olive oil, and I produced another really good dinner. Amazing. Best of all, neither of us used salt.
Oh, changing the habits of the elephant in the living room is hard to do.

At the meeting, I found our seats and noticed that my legs weren't swollen. Pointing this out to G, I wondered to myself it this was because of the exercise or the no salt in the diet. We will see if it lasts.


  1. Good that you're seeing results (maybe) as a result of your salt regimen. I'm just catching up so don't remember where you mentioned the wrong spelling of potato and tomato. This I insist: when you're writing a menu or a recipe, adding an e to the end makes it more elegant and French looking. Potato Potatoe; Tomato Tomatoe. See what I mean. Much more flare, n'est-ce pas? Just sayin'!

  2. Probably a bit of both, don't you think? I watched a presentation by some American author, who is very well known for writing good sense advice about eating. The only thing I remember is that "if you grandmother wouldn't recognise what your eating as food, it probably isn't" Maybe you know of this fellow by my lousy description. In any case, he is much more sensible than Julian Child ever was. Even if she was a hoot, don't follow her recipes.

  3. I read that the Julia Child book is back to #1 on the top seller list after the movie came out.

    I admire you guys for watching the salt and eating healthy. In our house, he does, but I don't.

  4. I find 2007 cumbersome There is a VIEW tab that allows you various views of the documents you have opened, it should not allow you to close a document without saving unless no changes have been made.

  5. So. You go to the little Windowsy looking symbol in the upper left corner. Find it? Looks like 4 different colored windows stacked haphazardly? ok. Click it. You get a menu of stuff. At the very bottom is your option - CLOSE. That will close the current open document, but not the program. :)

    Love ya, mean it!

  6. Dear Wildhare....oh, thank you!!!!

  7. I rather like how your recipe is right under the photo of the elephant: sautéed pachyderm cutlet with peaches and brown sugar...!


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