September 6, 2009

Just Perfect

Juneau: The rebuilt Veendam waits for our arrival in the cool snow fed breezes, May 2009.

Himself: Puttered and worked at the Automotive Museum.

Herself: Puttered in the cooling air. Portion control does not mean serving Giant Germanic mounds of food. I'm also making a great effort to enjoy cooking again.

Re-reading: Book 4 of the Mitford series. They are just what these unbearable days of heat call for....books offering only small, gentle excitements.

Balance: By dinner time, the temperature was just right.

Imagine, cool air.

Yesterday, slowly the air cooled here near the beach until I could actually serve dinner outside on the deck. Unheard of. Totally unheard of. Because of the placement of our front deck, usually it is too hot, too windy, to cold, too something, but yesterday the dining table on the deck offered perfection.

Yesterday, instead of being the great dieting blob, I was able to move about in the cooling air. At first slowly. Read and make the bed. Read and clean the bedroom....imagine. Read and tidy the computer room....look, the desk has a surface. Empty all surfaces. Later I moved at a normal speed. Wow.

Even though we have been near roasting temps lately, and who wants to cook in the heat, the food has been excellent if I may say so myself.

Last night, himself came home just as I was starting dinner, and by request dinner changed to hamburger and a SoCalFrank salad drizzled with a bit of olive oil. Most nights we eat in the living room, but last night the deck was perfection. Not only did we have dinner under an umbrella, we read the magazine pile, talked, smiled at each other, and had a companionable evening without the news or Cash Cab in between us.

Sometimes it takes moments of cooling air to remind us of what's important.

Menus for the week:

1. Marion B's soy ginger salmon
Roasted Asparagus
Tossed green and veggie salad

2. Grilled Chicken with Avocado Salsa
Orange, red onion salad tossed with greens

3. Pork loin with a sautéed onion peach salsa
broiled tomato
Cole slaw

4. Chicken Apple salad on red cabbage slaw
Bread sticks

5. Half Dave's stuffed baked potatoe:
with homemade gringo salsa
Broccoli dusted with parmesan

6. Hamburger steak
Mozzarella and tomatoe salad with fresh basil.


  1. I like eating outside. My back patio is nice when the weathe isn't too hot. lately its been the smoke form the fires that are keeping me inside. Your menus sound wonderful! Making me hungry right now!

  2. Just normal temperatures, no air conditioning, no heating, instead sitting outdoors and finding it pleasant... isn't that the way we remember our world being during the summer?


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