September 1, 2009

Order Up

Skagway: Above: Seedys and Georgette captured in a moment of laughter. Below: Someone's nice, old GMC stuck away in a Skagway back yard. May 2009.

Himself: He swam. He did the job search thing online then networked a bit sending an email here and a phone call there. Then he began four purple heart boxes.

Herself: Swam, ate too much butter everywhere, worked on the Alaskan Album. Supposed to be a scorcher again today. I'm hiding with my prayers with ill friends or waiting friends and the firefighters.

Reading: Blogs when I needed to do email now that I have email again, then finally read eamil. G's still doesn't have email.

Balance: The cool water in the pool this morning.

  • At 1745, the temperature has moved downward to 74 on the front deck. Do I believe this? Somehow the sun seems to burn the skin, I don't remember that from years past, and the humidity climbs. Tho I do not have to have an air conditioner as the most important thing in our lives, my life, his life, the fans are still on.

  • Food, food, food out. Breakfast pancakes and bacon for me, and one of Perry's specials...a regular waffle, bacon, a scrambled egg for G. Good company too. No lunch needed. Dinner was to be Phil's BBQ....but they are closed on Monday, a salient point forgotten in the rush to food. Oh, we are such pigs. Dinner was at Red Lobster instead....where I did a take home box until I saw the key lime pie and was a gonner. G wallowed happily in all you can eat shrimp. Garlic shrimp, and again, and again, then cajun shrimp, coconut shrimp, teriyaki shrimp, and batter fried shrimp and more shrimp. Extra butter on everything....extra whipped cream on the pie. I've died and gone to heaven. Phil's postponed till tomorrow night.

  • Dieting is a necessity now.....our pants no longer fit either of us, and buying new pants is not a form of dieting. Dieting starts Wednesday. Yes, really.

  • Once long, long ago and far away my dear G bought his mother, Ruby, a ruby stone set deep into a golden seashell. Yesterday night he noticed that the ruby was missing from the sea shell. I who has been losing everything lately, didn't worry. Just today I forgot my keys and lost my favorite big Indian silver hair clip. Why I became Mz. Who-Me-Not-Worry, I will never know. I always worry. The keys were at home, the clip was stuck backwards inside a reversed pocket, and G found the ruby just lying amidst sawdust on the garage floor mid day. What a gift.

  • The Alaskan album progresses. Inching along through the day, I've reached Skagway and the forever wonderful Seedys. I have to say, it's flat out fun to stick pictures of her into an album. Leaves me grinning, it does.


  1. I started my excercise program, again, this week. I have been very good for several days now and trying to keep eating to a reasonable amount! I am determined to lose weight.

  2. Actually, I did go out and buy some new blouses because I was sick of buttons popping on me.

  3. Diet starts Wednesday, huh? Would that be before or after Phil's BBQ? I've already had dinner and now after reading your post I want breakfast. Out.

  4. LOL! Food is such a comfort. I started WW about a month ago, actually am going to meetings. 1 pound a week if I am lucky. I love the photo of you at the top of the post.


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