September 3, 2009

Stopping by Saxman

In the village of Saxman: Above: Replaced totem allowed to fade away with dignity. Below: New and old wolves, and Nathan Jackson with his friend Moses in his studio.

Himself: Swam, job hunted and found nothing, made boxes.

Herself: Swam, finished scrapbook and then had to make a lot of corrections. This morning, I'm more confused than usual and this worries me. Swim next. Making a couple of weeks of WW menus up today. Shopping.

Reading: Upstairs: Bowen. Downstairs: Father Tim.

Balance: The cool of the living room late in the afternoon.

Using layout, paste up, and design tricks instead of just jamming things on the page, I thought I was making an improved product yesterday with my Alaska scrapbook. What I created was disappointing. Looks good though.

The good: Good pictures, good design, and words with the images. Tells a story instead of just recording a journey by jamming pictures and ephemera in a scrapbook.

The not so good: I got the dates wrong and had to change them and some of the words are repetitious. I need to edit what I print with far more care.

The best: By creating this book, I've gone back in time for these few moments.

The very best: It's done finishing off with Saxman Village and Ketchikan.


  1. Your last photo, just to be there in that fantastic carpentry/studio shop would be fantastic. What an amazing space that it. I love it!

  2. That was a wonderful trip wasn't it.

  3. Mage, you need to get more sleep. A show I watched on Nova ScienceNOW showed a study on sleep indicated the reason we need enough sleep is for the brain to store up memories. If the memory circuit gets plugged by lack of sleep, it can lead to being unable to learn and retain things or, probably, lead to confusion. Happens to me all the time when I don't sleep well or enough.


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