October 2, 2009

October Friday Lite

Working replica of the Spirit of St. Louis at the Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park. 2008.

Himself: Swim, job search, boxes, food.

Herself: Bike - never long enough, volunteer, food probably grilled cheese and slaw. Feel a bit as I am in stasis these days. I’m sure he feels this way too.

Reading: A wonderful new book I got at Costco yesterday.

Balance: Letting go.

  • Yesterday’s poem was a success at the Workshop. Everyone is of a certain age and identified with my words. I did pick the wrong picture though. Instead of illustrating my inability to get up from low seating, it showed that I was once able to sit cross-legged. That shot was taken many years ago….she says nodding sagely.

  • I learn. Word 2007 does not insist on capitalizing the starting word in each line of poetry unlike previous Words. This news was greeted with great cheers by the lady poets with their older programs. I also found the drop down list of things I worked on last and figured out how to bypass their fancy tool bars to have those icons I use most often available up at the top. Progress when I am not struggling with Vista’s particularities.

  • Yesterday those temperatures were up in the hundreds on the mesa again. Today, instead of 85, we are to be 77. I am very grateful as my shut off point is 92. I walked from the car to the front door of Costco in 93 degree heat grateful for air conditioned cars.

  • Daughter Lenore has begun packing up her house preparatory to putting her house on the market. Ran into SIL at the grocery store, and he announced that the Portland Paper was hiring. He is still getting a paycheck from the paper here, and he bought big steaks which we teased him about.

  • Words rattle around in my head. I forget to write them down. At night I have ugly, half-awake nightmares about Ba and wake up a slug. No poetry in that at all. The joy of the day will be going to help at the Cancer Society Thrift Store. Lessa’s sponsor K had her feeding tube out and is eating with enthusiasm. C reports radiation but no chemo…very encouraging. MB has boundless energy in spurts now. Knowing her is to know hope on the hoof. Sadly no news of Terri for all of this last month. We email, we pray, others pray too. Sometimes I feel so small.

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