October 31, 2009

Shame On Me

Just the turquoise for Christmas please.

Himself: He thinks he’s better. Oh, hurrah. An easy morning before working the museum “Family Day” today. He’s promised he will take a chair and sit in the middle of the cars if he feels funny.

Herself: Thought I was better until coughing at work sent me home early totally wiped out. Spent several hours in bed with a book. Still not sleeping well….cough, cough…..all night long.

Reading: Two books I had hopes for now skimmed and back in general circulation.

Balance: Quiet beneath the covers.

It bothers me to go into a store and find Christmas in full bloom, filling the shelves, right now, even before Halloween or Thanksgiving. I understand why, but I still don’t like it. I get suckered in, but I like it even less when I find I’ve been suckered in.

The last few months, I’ve been busily pricing Christmas for the store. I’ve bagged balls, flagged stuffed critters, wood creations, sweaters, plates, dishes, endless mugs, bagged more balls, and taken it all as a matter of course. Then I went into a drug store, and I was knocked over by the aisles of holiday stuff.

They are ready very early for the Christmas rush, but I am not.

The Cancer Society installs their Christmas Boutique on the 5th of November. I have everything that came in priced and ready to go on display. I’ve even dealt with a panicked note from a woman who donated cherished family ornaments and can she please have them back. I’ve searched for them and not seen them, but I’ve called her today and told her a search for them will be on as we install the boutique. I understand the sadness of losing family things.

Worst of all, I’m even shopping on eBay for the old turquoise drops and balls from the fifties for our own holiday tree.

My thinking isn’t matching my deeds. Excuses don’t make it. I’m not a big decorator for the day. I don’t even have giant parties any more. The only thing I decorate is one small, four foot tall tree. Obviously I need to rethink my holiday thinking.

But oh, I so love decorating that tree.


  1. I too hate the early pushing of the Christmas machine. We always celebrated Christmas from the 20th of December (when the tree went up at our house) through January 6th (when the tree came down. Now you only hear carols on the radio from November through 12/25. Geez. My daughter-in-law puts up her tree before Thanksgiving!

    Well, rather than let it bother me much, this year, I think I may embrace an early holiday joy and see where it goes - although I don't plan to be in the mall or at stores much, so I may be ok. And I think, dear Maggie, that you should let yourself GO this Christmas too, and decorate the tree whenever you are ready, and love up your own enjoyment of the season - early or late. :)

  2. I've been feeling the need of a little more decor this holiday season for strange reason. Maybe we should let ourselves go and admit we may need a little bit of Christmas this year more than any other. It's the depression I guess, but I woke up at 3:47 this morning and my eyelids are feeling like lead.


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