October 30, 2009


Terry G, 2007.

Himself: Bronchitis. Pills, sprays, and potions too.

Herself: Bronchitis and a sinus infection. One pill cures all.

My friend Terry G died two days ago after a long fight with cancer. We all knew there would be a finite time with her, and I will miss her vibrant and joyful presence. I worry now about her husband. They had been married 45 years. She literally changed the lives of thousands, G and I among the crowds, by just being at the right place at the right time.

She gave us the gift of this home just by chance one day. She answered the phone. A man asked if she was Margaret G and that he had $2,500.00 for her. She replied that she was Terry G, but she thought she knew where Margaret was. My mother, Margaret, had died many years ago, but Terry found me and we hit off right away….cousins by a long ago marriage.

I thought this money thing sounded like a scam, but I called the man to find the details. A few bucks of “found” money the man said. I still thought it a scam and called the State Controllers Office to ask about found money next. Terry rejoiced with me as I discovered the sum was many thousands of times more than $2,500.00 bucks forgotten when a savings and loan bank closed. When our CPA informed us we were buying a house with the money, no one enjoyed this condo more than she did.

She will be much missed by the many friends she made and kept through love and by chance.


  1. What a great story! Something we all dream about came true. Meanwhile I'll keep wishing that rich old uncle's or aunt's lawyers will find me before I die.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your lovely friend. I am always delighted to know the richness that we share with one another, and I am delighted that you recognize it as well. Hugs your way.


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