October 26, 2009

Wordless Monday

Homeless time everywhere here. This woman is sitting in front of the Star of India.

Himself: A very lazy and grumpy day. A coughing night.

Herself: Stayed quiet all day, cough worse all night. I’m still not in the morning water class yet, and not in anything usual yet except coughing. I borrow this blog suggestion from another good blogger with apolgies.

Reading: Finished ”Unplanned Parenthood,” by Liz Carpenter.

Balance: The Speakers Meeting Last night.


  1. I always get so sad when I see the homeless, carrying everything they own on their, bike, basket or back. I am especially distressed when they have dogs. I have stopped so many times to offer help, I have fed them when the owners are not present. My girlfriend even bought them from one man, and I have helped rehome them. The animals have no say in the matter. They just follow along.

  2. I agree, homeless and dogs seem to be paired, and I think of them so very sadly every time I see them.


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