November 3, 2009

Into Madness

Completely mad at the parlor window, Garritson house, 1974.

Himself: Still a little tired but ok. On the mend.

Herself: Good for short bursts of energy but nodding off in the afternoons. Coughing again this morning.

Reading: Harry Potter 1….very well written. No wonder it was/is so popular.

Balance: Afternoon nap.

After being slapped by my husband for being a drug addict, which I was mind you, I left him. After a bit of time downtown near friends, I found myself living in the parlor of the Garritson house that long hot summer of 1974. As I drew closer to drug induced madness, my husband’s mistress suggested I start a journal. What was a journal, I wondered.

At first there were only a few words to be found on a page. Frightening attempts to capture what I thought I saw. Then drawings came unbidden off the end of my pen. More words falling toward madness intermixed with doodles of no content. The first sketchbooks were terrifying moments done in blue on off white. Hard to see and hard to read.

Madness is hard to see in any context. I became not only mad but cynical too.

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  1. A very interesting picture. A self portrait at the time? I recognized the smile. For some strange reason I like it. Would like to see it in a collection, with a few words on it and others. A picture book for adults?

    As for Harry Potter I, the writer improves with nearly every book, as she gained confidence and made so much money she didn't have to care.


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