December 28, 2009

Christmas at Sea: 2

The bow of HAL’S ZAANDAM from the Lido deck of Carnival’s ELATION. 2009.

Himself: Played solitaire all morning. Loaded new game and played all afternoon. Meeting.

Herself: Coughing again. Caught up reading my favorite blogs and diaries online. Dinner and meeting. By meeting time, I was very ill with an upper respiratory bug again.

Reading: Blogs…and midafternoon began Marion’sB's book. Wonderful, crisp, real stuff.

Balance: The silence.

My friend Peter documents cruising and cruise ships in several of his blogs. On his Sea Treks pages, he visits the tired ART SHIP on his latest post. On Decked he records a wide assortment of ships deck by deck. Each time we head off on another cruise, we are inspired by Peter’s enthusiasms.

Tiffany’s buffet at the stern of the ELATION. These are resin panels in praise of the master of glass. 2009.

This cruise we traveled on Carnival’s ELATION. Designer Joe Farcus did the interior of this ship in his usual over the top manner. I’d traveled on her before, and my extreme tiredness led me to say I would never ever get near her mauve and cadmium reds again. Yet here I was.

L: Aft Lido deck elevator lobby. R: Tiffany’s facing stern. I actually got lost once in here.

With tongue in cheek, we took not one of the magic random carpet shots this trip. I wanted to remember where things were. We forgot, of course, to photograph the foods, but we did remember to record the dining rooms as well as the lido and Tiffany’s buffet this time.

L: Deck outside Tiffany’s. R: Bar and food station. Below: Midships outdoor pool, water slide, stage, and food stations.

The Lido pools too. Cold pools, warm pools only a foot and a half deep for the kids, hot tubs that look like Mickey Mouse, and hotter tubs that looked just plain hot only for adults. It’s a fun ship, I was repeatedly told. Everyone I saw seemed to be having fun too. Our fun was to take photographs.

L: Chess and Ping Pong. Aft of Tiffany’s are two small decks that hang out over the adult Serenity area.

Heading toward the bow from the outdoor pool, one has to walk around the edges of the Atrium.

L: G walking into the Atrium. R: The Atrium with the elevator to the left.

The overdone Christmas decorations actually muted the mauve gold mixture, and the gossamer Christmas banners softened the whole. Or, I was softened in the head.

The Lido Deck: L carpet, and R faux wood walls.

Walking into the Mikado show lounge from the Atrium, you will find yourself in the balcony. The multi glittered chrysanthemum curtain is one the best items on the ship. Farcus echoed this pattern in the carpet, on the walls, and in the Japanese motif on the stonework. At the front of the ship on this deck is the bridge. We didn’t get there.

L: Lido entrance to the balcony of the Mikado room. R: Getting ready for the Christmas show in the Mikado room.


  1. Good photos. I've only gone on that kind of cruise once and will probably never do it again. I like ships and being on the water. But I find all the food and the people difficult. I'll stick to ferries and spare river cruises.

  2. Was the cruise packed? It has been a long time since I was on a Carnival ship, this one looks quite nice, despite the mauve. :)

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