December 30, 2009

Christmas at Sea: 4

The exterior of the ELATION was beautifully maintained. 2009.

Himself: His cold lite is almost gone. Few jobs posted over the holidays.

Herself: I was better this morning tho panting from walking to the bathroom. Only one long nap yesterday tho no energy. Today some of my brain has returned to function.

Reading: Lite stuff.

Balance: Forcing myself to behave is good for me.

Toward the bow of the ELATION is a seven deck Atrium filled with Farcus’s inventive decorations. Mauve and gold circus like ornamentation trims every deck edge. The elevators especially resemble the old time circus wagons. Many ship lovers cannot stand the over the top Farcus decorations, but the combination of Mickey Arison’s financial know how and Farcus’s designs are what helped make Carnival an initial success.

Many of the cabin decks lead directly into the Atrium. Here Deck 9 is called Elation Way and is filled with art for sale.

Each elevator lobby has a mauve framed art work….sometimes two.

Elevators are all matched with stairways, but not all reach all decks. Deck 3 has the crew spaces and the medical offices. Decks 4, 5, and 6 are cabins. We lived in a cadmium red and grey corridor on 4 where we hardly felt any movement at all. Higher up in the ship, the decks was decorated in blues.

If one wanted, there were two laundry rooms on board, but I think many of the younger guests partied. And the passengers were young. There were over 200 children on board this trip. There were grandma’s and grandpa’s too. Many guests were from the far east with a smattering from India and Russia. We were amazed at the diversity.

Friday the ship pulled into Ensenada Mexico, and we spent this day documenting the ship deck by deck. It was really interesting to discover hidden details, and to talk to the crew as we wandered our way around the ship. It was also interesting to photograph the ship from the dock and the harbor around it.

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  1. A laundry room...for use on a cruise? I do not think I would wash anything and if it got dirty and I needed it, there surely would be a clothing store on board?


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