December 20, 2009

Consider the Radish

Carnival ELATION on the far side of the MIDWAY. Photo used with permission of Zimmy2n2, 2008.

Himself: Drive by Perry’s to find all the doors boarded up and the smell of smoke so strong. Great food at Brian’s but more expensive than Perry’s. There were toys for G, a brilliant but socially feral granddaughter and witty Lenora for company. He drove by Ba’s to find her house sold and a yard sale in progress. Few visitors at the museum, and a very lite dinner to balance the heavy brunch.

Herself: I felt sad for the “things” I gave her over the years. She put on our front stoop a broken raku pot and an unframed painting I gave her almost twenty years ago. I’m the “thing” lady and should just let the worry’s for the 1800’s commode go…..for again, I am not in charge. Bee called. She was down to make holiday cookies with her sister and found out today her bank failed. She was to call back but didn’t. I did a bunch of small stuff for the trip.

Reading: Two sci-fi that are well written but big downers. A small cookbook by R, and a big compendium by Mr. Beard. I think I will take mindless 1950’s books with me on the trip….one with happy endings.

Itinerary: Catalina…which we love and where we will take a tour, Ensenada Mexico….we have been there so we won’t get off the ship, and one day at sea. Essentially, we are going in a big circle.

Balance: A cup of tea and thou.

I confess, this is the very first trip I didn’t throw everything but the kitchen sink into my suitcase and just go.

Oh, you would have laughed at me. I stood in front of my closet doors wondering what I was going to wear for the next week. Boring, I decided. Since the ship isn’t at all boring, maybe I shall stand out in my black and black with black. Two pair of black pants, grey tweeds for dinner, and two pair of denim….what I wear is dictated by the weather and it is supposed to rain. In the end, everything will go with everything, one hopes, and there will be room in the suitcase for a tile I shall buy on Catalina.

Later I stood in front of my icebox, yes I still call it that, and considered a salad with our lite dinner. Should I use up all the radishes? Was there enough lettuce to make up two bowls of salad to go with our grilled cheese sandwiches? I stood for quite a while considering the radishes.

Perhaps I need to consider the pants instead.

Lenora and Mohave in the delightfully over decorated Brian’s. Reindeer detail outside.


  1. What? You're cruising again? Without me again? WHATEVER are you thinging?!!!

  2. Have a lovely cruise and I hope that you do not find you have brought more than you need, save room for souvenirs.

  3. nice post. thanks.


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