December 29, 2009

Elation's Upper Decks 3

Mickey Arison’s winged funnel for his Carnival Line ships.

Himself: Hunted for jobs and played games.

Herself: Slept most of the day away.

Reading: Finished Marion B’s book….Yes, I am in love, and retreated to a pile of Elizabeth Cadell.

There is none of this relaxation stuff aboard the ELATION. I saw few passengers curled up with books, though I was not the only guest with a laptop. Most other laptop users must have had good batteries in their computers. Mine was failing, and there were only a few plugs available for 120.

Usually I plugged it in at night and wrote brief notes while I downloaded pictures.

On the very top of this ship, is a jogging track and mini golf game. I saw this track in use every day, and I bet there were die hards here dedicated to having fun even on that toss and turn first day. There was a Susan B Koman walk for the cure here our day at sea, but for the first time I didn’t take part. My heart was with them tho.

Climb that flight of stairs and there’s the track.

Oh we explored. We didn’t get in any trouble, we saw the cruise director only once, and we didn’t fall off the boat. .

L: Hall by passing the spa to the gym. R: Gym, forward.

L: Weight rooms and Pilates. R: Stairs to the Observation deck.

L: Observation deck while in Ensenada. R: Observation Deck with big sign “Winch Only.”

L: Looking down on the observation deck, three hot tubs. R: Hot tub detail.


  1. I talked to my husband and he said the casino has been there for decades. He just never let me see that part of the island!

  2. We were visiting a laboratory and I had an 18-month-old attached to my it was a combination of factors! I would have needed him to drop me off and then babysit!

  3. I have never cruised before but your photos have got me thinking about the possibility!!

  4. Enjoyed the pictures. It's probably as close to a real cruise as I will ever get.


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