December 8, 2009

A Gift

Marion B in 2008.

Himself: Swam, applied for three jobs, and had a fun afternoon doing nothing in particular.

Herself: Started a stew, swam, talked with Bee who was headed down this way for lunch and her mother then turned around and headed home after many hours and few miles on the freeway, wrote here and for Thursday, couldn’t reach my Medicare supplement folks to ask if I get a card or something and how to get prescriptions, and finished a garbage mystery which wasn’t as bad as the other’s I have chosen to read lately.

Balance: Seeing Marion B.

It rained yesterday.

Now to most of you, rain is a normal part of life. Since we never have rain, life get’s fascinating here when it does rain. For instance, the streets become slick. Why? Even with the little grooves cut in the cement, a year of oil droppings coats the road to float to the surface on the rain. What happens? Yesterday by bed time, we had almost 350 accidents. By breakfast this morning, the total accidents were over 500.

We ran out of bread. Being very foolish, or flat out dumb, we drove over to Costco to pick up a few loaves…..slowly off the freeway. Bread, an MJ Christmas present, stamps, a dress shirt for himself, oh dem muffins…..mmmmmmmm mmm good, and fake moo. The good rice moo by the twenty boxes per box moo. Nothing is ever done half way at Costco.

On the way back out into the pouring deluge, we saw Marion B’s son….and Marion B. What a treat. As the roof leaked into giant trash cans and the downpour thundered onto the metal roof, I was able to see Marion B clearly for the first time in a long time.

She looked wonderful. No pasty yellowness to her skin. No dullness to her eyes or hair. The gauntness in her cheeks filled not with chemicals but with health. There was a spark to her attitude and a livelyness to her movements that had been missing for the last year of ten hour a day sleeping.

Her daughter has put all her poems in order, and Marion B is considering putting together a new book. Today her current book arrives into her hands for inspection before going to press. What a magic gift is Marion B’s presence in our lives.


  1. What lovely news all around; rain and Marion B.'s return of health. (not the accidents obviously). When the rainy season came to Grenada with the first storm, I'd often go outdoors and just rejoice in the downpour.

  2. I love the rain! And well Costco I avoid, I can't seem to walk out of there without spending a fortune.

  3. You are blessed with many friends. I must working on making friends in this new area.


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