December 18, 2009

Lists, lists.....

Alternative trees, Target, 2009.

Himself: Swam, went to a fiftieth birthday party, applied for jobs, went to the ladies poetry group and said what he was thinking, brought marvelous and fragile GH home in Grumpy….that was interesting and now we have to take a little Edwardian stool back to Marion B’s. Then he cleaned house and had coffee and delightful conversation with the P2’s, dinner, and played games. I mean, what more could a man want.

Herself: Ditto. I did manage to read a poem about Christmas. No games here, and my beard isn’t thickening either. But it was a good day.

Reading: The newest Spenser. It’s very good. Almost as good as the early ones were.

Balance: Sitting at home reading the new Parker.

The suitcases come up today. Oh, the excitement of it all. Four days at sea wearing what? Nothing formal this time? Carnival has changed its thinking so we are thinking of taking just a business suit…or shall we just overwhelm them all in bling and swim suits? Our usual list, posted here for those who wonder about our list, will be pared down for this trip, and many items on the list will be worn aboard or carried on. We are packing light, and if we spill coffee down out fronts....oh well......

Can't Travel Without Them Necessities
• passports and visas, driver's license, medical insurance cards, acopy of prescriptions and list of all meds, credit cards - be sure to call credit card company, ATM card or cash, 3 copies of airline tickets, cruise tickets, passports/visas, itinerary - pack 1 copy in carry on, 1 copy in checked luggage, and leave one copy with someone at home. Alternatively, you can scan the documents and email an electronic copy to yourself so that you can access them from any computer terminal. (I usually do both - "just in case") [Carry On or Wear on], contact numbers, emergency numbers at home [Carry On or Wear on), wallet and back pack, watch [Carry On or Wear on]....short version.

Reading Material and Necessities
• glasses [Carry On or Wear on]
• computer glasses [Carry On or Wear on]
• sunglasses [Carry On or Wear on]
• reading material - books to read while on the plane or lounging by the pool [Carry On or Wear on]
• home and email addresses of friends/relatives back home - for sending [Carry On or Wear on]

Electronics and Camera Equipment
[Carry On or Wear on]
• plug adaptor and converter
• cell phone and charger
• laptop computer, bag, cables, et al
• digital cameras
• extra memory cards for digital cameras
• batteries for digital cameras
• battery charger
• extension cord/power strip with multiple plug-ins
• lighted dial alarm clock for cruise ship cabin
• small flashlight

Medicine Kit
• prescription drugs and any other essential medications in carry on bag [Carry On or Wear on]
• small first aid kit (band aids, dramamine, antibiotic cream, bandages, anti-diarrheal medication, cortisone cream, aspirin/tylenol/advil) [Carry On or Wear on]
• germicidal hand cleaner [Carry On or Wear on]
• sun screen [Carry On or Wear on]

Other "Necessities"
• zip loc bags of all sizes and garbage/laundry bags
• small umbrella [Carry On or Wear on]
• our pillows and their bag [Carry On or Wear on]
• sewing kit and scissors (pack in checked luggage)
• hats/caps/visors [Carry On or Wear on]

My stuff
• bras (include strapless if needed for evening wear)
• panties
• night gown and sweats
• compression stockings (for airplane flight to prevent swollen ankles)
• exercise/walking socks
• trouser socks or pantyhose
• purses (day and evening)
• gloves and stocking cap(if expect cold weather)
• walking shoes [Carry On or Wear on]
• evening shoes
• costume jewelry and extra watch
• swim suit and big beach towel
• dress/outfit for informal nights on ship
• dress/outfit for formal nights on ship ?
• 4 tops of all types (sleeveless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved)
• 1 slacks, 2 levis
• windbreaker rain resistant jacket with hood [Carry On or Wear on]
• evening sweater
• makeup

His and Hers Sundries and Miscellaneous
[Carry On or Wear on]
shaving kit
• comb/brush
• shampoo
• conditioner
• deodorant
• toothbrush
• toothpaste
• dental floss
• nail clippers and file (be sure to pack in checked luggage)

Men's Cruise Clothing Packing List
• underwear (briefs or boxer shorts)
• undershirts
• sweats
• exercise/walking socks
• black dress socks
• belts
• walking shoes
• evening or dress shoes
• sport jacket
• regular ties
• dress shirts
• swim suit
• casual shirts
• slacks and levis (casual and dress)
• windbreaker jacket
• sweatshirt
• raincoat with hood


  1. Can't wait to hear about it all. Love your cruise posts. Do you think there will be internet? Sure hope so. Quite a list, is it an extension of one you have already made, or do you make one up each time? I've never been a list maker, actually, I tend to take anything that is clean (hee!), but it is an interesting concept.

  2. That's a lot of stuff! But a very good list of necessary items. I may have to use it when we go to India next year. You're far more organized than I!

  3. WooHAH! What a lovely holiday adventure. Travel safely, have a wonderful time and take lots and lots of pictures.

  4. Not using the internet this time. We are doing this run away holiday on the cheep. We are taking the laptop, and we will doccument the ship thoroly and can download the images. The cost of internet is too expensive for us this trip, so we will write when we get home.

  5. I love lists they make me feel organized and in control of the situation. I made a list of cooking times for Thanksgiving so everything would come out and go in on time :)


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