December 12, 2009


Bee stopping by the beach on a windy, stormy day. 2009.

Himself: Swam. The usual job hunt, then when I worked went off to help a friend on his computer. Later two estate sales priced high, dinner and Julie and Julia.
Herself: Swam, worked with very few donations, traveled with G to estate sales, home to turn that stew into a last pot pie and a second viewing of a really fun film. Lots of IBS misery….the first in ages. The after effects of antibiotics thumbing their nose at me probably or all the not-allowed foods. Legs itching awfully and now have one spot on my arm. Have an appointment for a Swine Flu shot. G’s Kaiser doesn’t have the vaccine yet so he might have to pay to get it at my clinic.
Reading: The 1947 edition of “Little Women.” It holds up better than I imagined.
Balance: A few moments with a book before dinner. Julie and Julia after dinner.

I’m eating bread and butter yet it’s party time. Two today. A party at the Automotive Museum at five…bring a small desert sort of thing. At six there’s a gathering for the swim group.

I’m on hold waiting for the world to settle down a bit. The tapping of G’s keys sounds like rain on the roof or my stomach talking back. The movement of his chair sounds a bit like wind in the trees. It’s the first day in weeks we are not holed up in the computer room with the heater on. The world is warming, the joggers running on by, and the bicyclists coasting toward the beach on the wet streets as I wait for the settling to begin.

G and I lean back and smile at each other.

Perhaps my IBS reflects the season instead of the antibiotics, cake, cookies, nuts, nuts, and peanut butter that I have been consuming plus a new med.

I should worry about what I am going to wear to the parties this evening, but I’m not. I am worried that I didn’t remember if the Cancer Society is partying tomorrow or on the 20th. I’ll call. At least I remember what I signed up to bring. I’m sad that of the family, only Lessa contacted us about the holiday. I suppose I need to call everyone after finals, but I’m reluctant. That’s probably because I feel like a lump.

I know tomorrow will be better. Maybe later in the day, the lumpishness will vanish. Maybe the lumpishness will vanish with a good dose of a 1973 Slade holiday song.


  1. Well, as long as you are a lump who is in good health and spirits, it should be all right, shouldn't it? Have fun.

  2. I like lumpishness. It is a good thing sometimes. This video was very studly...maybe studs are what you should wear to your parties!

  3. About the what to wear to the party thing, for last Friday night's concert I decided to wear regular slax and a turtleneck and a sweater under my long coat because it was too damn cold to dress up. I also wore plaid sox on my feet with comfortable shoes. I popped on a new hat and went and I don't think there was a single soul who noticed what I was wearing. It was a great decision seeing as how we had to walk 4 blocks in single digit weather with snow and slush on the ground and a slew of other people bundled up nicely contending with freezing but stylish feet draped in nylons. Practicality over style anyday for me!

  4. Oh party clothes! I had nothing in my closet for this years few gatherings, so I treated myself to a new velour blazer greatly discounted (75%) at Ann Taylor. I love it :)

  5. I always motivated by you, your opinion and way of thinking, again, thanks for this nice post.

    - Joe


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