December 16, 2009

Slo-Mo Days

Christmas has gone to the dogs. Target, 2009.

Himself: Swam, applied for a bunch of jobs, Tarjay and bought sweats and a small heater just like the one we have upstairs, picked up Grumpy, cooked dinner, meeting and got a sub for next week.

Herself: Swam, etc. LOL I swear, I almost traded Grumpy in this time. Wrapped goodies for small grandkids. No hand eye coordination yesterday and everything looks as if it came from a jumble sale.

Reading: Orts.

Balance: Sitting in my chair as the sun sets and catching up with the National G and Newsweek.

The time drags on. Inches on when you wish it would rush. Life is on slo-mo when you long for fast forward, yet you know that the time next week at sea will go so speedily the four days will be gone in the blink of an eye.

The morning workouts seem to last forever. Steam flows upwards from the water gently creating a masking fog around us as time crawls by. I want to leap through all this stuff and charge into life. Life is trickling.

Life seems to last forever with nothing happening beyond the end of our noses. G’s been a real grumph himself. This disruption in our holiday traditions was at his impetus, but he’s feeling naked in the changes.

Change will do that to you.

Everything is now in order….almost. Only at the last moment did I remember to ask our neighbor to take in our mail and keep an eye on the place. A very last moment. And Lenora, the youngest, hasn’t answered back about dinner or a brief holiday meeting with us before we leave. I’ve actually asked her to her face twice about this, here twice, and once by email.

I don’t think she likes this change either.

Time may go slowly, creep so like molasses that we both want to find a way to rush through, around, or over it, but the appointment book rapidly fills at the speed of light with new things every day.

We have most of today free after nine. Imagine that. Thursdays are full until after three PM, Friday is filled from dawn to sevenish at night, Saturday morning is free until ten AM, Sunday is filled till nine at night, Monday is stuffed in its normal fashion but dinner is free, and by the time Tuesday rolls around again, we are gone.

There are little glimpses of free time that I would love to spend in my daughter and granddaughter’s company, and we finally agree to meet at Perry's on Saturday morning. Hurrah....communication is established. After breakfast on Saturday, I'm letting go. Someone else besides me is in charge this holiday.


  1. I sometimes feel that I spend so much time with my arms open wide and my son ignoring my stance.

  2. Change can be tough; kids can be really tough; in the end it will all work out well.

  3. I just had my last day at work yesterday. It's been interesting to see what you and G. are doing with the changes and what sort of swings of optimism and the lack as well. I'm sure it will be the same with me. Wish you guys fun and temporary freedom from your daily concerns.


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