December 10, 2009

A Sorting

Cabrillo Lighthouse, 2009.

Himself: Swam, job hunted, errands in Grumpy, and cleaned up his giant magazine pile while watching HP. “Top Chef” and bed.

Herself: Swam, straightened out my Medicare supplement problem, posted, wrote and got the days essay copied, got two email address books in order, sorted year’s writings and ephemera, read sad email from very old friend J, thriftstored, read, watched the last Harry Potter movie we owned while sorting the massive book pile next to my chair. Watched two episodes of “Top Chef” and went to bed missing the finale. Ah well.

Reading: Sorted cookbooks.

Balance: Striding the isles of my favorite thrift store.

All those little things left undone can leap out from behind the bookcase, from under the bed, or fall from the shelves to mangle you. So easily. With a certain dogged perseverance I tackled my piles yesterday before they fell in on my head.

I discovered that I actually managed to write one or two poems this last year of a certain weight. Let me tell you, seeing those gave me hope. I did put some excellent words into my aged electronics on the topic of Nazi art, architecture, and cruise ships. After sorting the escaping paper piles for an hour, after patting myself on the back while putting everything away, I fled the email to play for an hour at my favorite thrift store.

Sometimes the distraction of a nice, soft, navy blue wool sweater is all I need to boost my survival levels. Add to that the purchase of a nice tan….I cannot spell that other word, tailored cardigan rather than the loose and lumpy one I had on helped keep me on the right side of the street. All, of course at half price.

Today I will tackles two or three other piles that are weighting me down…those in the mind.


  1. Errands can help us pause until we can solve something of more importance.

  2. Just or the record, I think your writing is really really good.


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