December 17, 2009

A Work in Progress

Like stepping stones into the holiday, wrapping paper greets you by the door at Target, 2009.

Himself: Swam, applied for jobs, lunch, ran hours of errands in Grumpy who didn’t break down. Laughed a lot….maybe it’s because his beard is growing back on a we will see basis.

Herself: Swam, wrote, lunch, got to go shopping. Pooped. Ooooo.

Reading: Nothing new.

Balance: Sitting while he burned dinner. Did I say that.

The last presents are wrapped. The last questions dodged…..”You bought what for who?” The last trip to the bank made. We are actually giving Mohave cash this year instead of books or a book card. She’s more adult in her reading matter than most teens, so money it is. We presume she will go to a book store with her cash.

The last trip to Target is done. Perhaps there are a few more trips to thrift stores to count on yet.

I have to confess that I’ve been building a holiday outfit based on a Coldwater Creek advertisement. I hear you laugh. Conservative too. The look still needs work. I like the simple red and black look they offer but cannot afford to buy it from them. Instead, I’ve been piecing it together from thrift stores.

Black denims. Red cardigan…one with tiny Christmassy beads, grey tweed skirt and pants, white shirt, and a big blingy black bag. I haven’t found a white shirt or big bag yet, but I have five days of shopping to go before we leave. I do have simple black Ferragamo flats that are a fractionally too tight. Did I say that?

It’s the first time that I have deliberately found a look I liked and set out to duplicate it. Men do it all the time. At least G does. He has the bigger closet for a reason. Usually I purchase by color. My closet is blacks, reds, browns, whites, blues, and greens….those foggy ones that please my eye. Most of them intermix nicely.

Today I read a poem to the writing ladies about Christmas. It still needs work. Then again, I still need work this season and that’s ok too.


  1. I am sure you will be just fine on the cruise once you totally forget what you are wearing.

  2. Be sure to take some comfort shoes along just in case!

    Btw, before I started reading I thought the photo at top was fountain sodas with the straws missing from paper cups. I like these funny pix. My daughter painted me a picture with soda pop cans, and she gave me photos of a college dorm refrigerator (those little tiny ones) crammed with beer bottles. They're still some of my favorite novelty shots.


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