December 31, 2009

A Year End Kind of Day

Catching the first line from the ELATION in Ensenada, Christmas 2009.

Himself: No jobs at all. He kindly ran me on my errands. Got the kind of Kaiser he wanted. Panicked for a moment when he received a cancellation but that was for the other plan. All is well.

Herself: Tuesday had only one very long nap. Wednesday, feeling vastly better. Woke feeling quite good this Thursday morning. Ba moved to LA on the 24th of this month. That’s a 27 year hunk of my life gone. Today to the Poetry Workshop, and taking my ideas with me.

Reading: Another Cadell.

Sadness: Finding Mark Mariano Gomez’s obit in the UT today. He was a twenty year usher for the Padres and a special man. Another Padres loss will be the clown and my long term roommate J. Her breast cancer has returned, and she has decided to treat it holistically.

Balance: Knowing everything is done.

I was feeling much more awake yesterday, and tho I remained fuzzy, life reminds me that I need to do my year end things. Close down and save my 2009 journals both to the backup hard drive and to a disc. I can do this with help from G. Why help? My last two computers didn’t save beans or rice to any disc. The JPG’s need to be dragged and dropped over to the other hard drive. I can do this. New folders opened for the new year. New templates built.

I’m grateful I remember what to do.

Lastly, I need to close down my acid free ephemera box….that actual real collection of paper cards, letters, and writings I feel I have to save. Silly me. I need to get a new box too. It will be numbered 45.

This coming year, I want to write journal entries with some form of richer content other than aches, pains, and volunteering. I’m reading May Sarton's “At Seventy” and can't get too far each time I pick it up....endlessness is not something I want to write even tho her endlessness was structured around her writing, her friends, and her wonderful garden. There has to be another way to live this.

I’m stepping into the New Year with a smile.

I've started two major projects, one is a chap book inspired by Ruthe. Regretfully, I'm cutting back on my blog notes though I will still be reading all my regular blogs. I too easily find myself here reading blogs hour after hour every morning until my mornings are gone. I just let myself flow into these wonderful worlds until time vanishes. Perhaps more free time will allow me more creativity. That’s my hope.

I’m much slower these days. The years I have left are not unlimited, and I am reminded of this. I’ve completed a few goals, and now I wish to make a few newer dreams mine too. If I have to trim to squeeze another completeness into my life, I will.



  1. I am disappointed that you will cut back on blogging, but I do understand the addiction. It is particularly strong when there are only gray rainy days ahead and lots of household chores to do!

  2. As you should, dear one. Taking time to do as you will, slow when you want and then inspired when you find that inspiring moment - that is where some of the richness of life lies. I spent time yesterday writing resolutions and then the plan to meet them. That clarifies in a significant way how I should spend time in 2010. Now we will see if that helps me focus - or is just another thing to muddle through.

    In any case, I agree with you.

    And I believe, as you do, that there are many ways to live through all this. I hope that we can find ways filled with grace and art and delight - much to our own surprise as well as everyone else's! In the mean time, I have decided to live to 150 so that I have time to get everything done that is on my list. To do that, it looks like I will have to make time to care for this body in a much more serious way in 2010 - should be interesting. :)

    Happy New Year to you and G, and all. Hugs and health and wealth and blessings in 2010 and beyond.

  3. Thanks for sharing all the photos of the ship. What a nice way to spend the holiday, away from family pressures. I will miss your bloggin. I have not been very reliable with mine, but I do think for me it is a good thing so I will try and increase mine. You inspire me. thank you. Happy new year.

  4. I love May Sarton - she inspired me to keep journaling, no matter how mundane a day can be!
    I especially loved as she got older - how she complained when people brought her flowers because she'd have to find a vase to put them in. Spunky!

  5. I predict that 2010 will be your most inspired writing year ever! We'll spur one another along. I didn't see anything wrong with the what I read the last two years....

  6. Oh, Mage, I do hope you manage some blogging though! Cutting back to pursue other creative works is a fine thing indeed, but please do post and comment some for you brighten our days with your friendly spirit. Happy New Year to you and G. and family!

  7. Happy New Year to you and G. May you have health and time for everything you want.

  8. oh! thanks Mage! always fun to see people who work around ships! happy new(ish) year


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