January 22, 2010

...And More Rain

Actual surf inside the bay, 2010.

Rain and more rain. Today the news crews were out covering storm damages instead of the homeless. Lots of trees down. Roads closed too. Hundreds of folks tried to drive through puddles only to discover those puddles were really deep. Many thousands without power.

Moving truckloads of sand down the beach to reinforce the winter berms, 2010.

The River Rescue team is working overtime. Perhaps Mexican nationals think we will be too busy to pay attention if they try to cross the border now…so across the Tijuana River they come. Rescued too. As are the fools who attempt to drive through the San Diego River.

Sideways flight. This airplane isn’t aimed off to the left, it is flying sideways to the right. A very scary sight. 2010.

I didn’t have to pick up Georgiana or read until ten thirty. To get out of Marta’s way, we went out into the grey, wet world with our camera’s yesterday.

Giant surf pounding the Sunset Cliffs, 2010.

After class we drove to a thrift store or two to get candle sticks, and to our local market for matches. We discovered that we were a small oasis of power in the middle of a massive power outage. It obviously hasn’t rained since we stopped smoking as we got rid of all our lighters and matches five years ago. We had candles tho.

Huge waves as far out to sea as you can see off Coronado, 2010.


  1. Really stunning pictures. We think we can keep the beach when the world wants it back. I am glad you have power, I once went in the middle of summer for almost a week without power and am still amazed that I did not melt away.

  2. I love these hauntingly beautiful photos. I do hope things let up for you soon!

  3. yikes!! thanks for the fotos

  4. I hear the rain you're experiencing is heading our way, except that due to our colder temperatures, it's going to take a slightly different form. Getting dark outside right now, and we're happy to hunker down for a day or two. Hope the sun gets back to you in the meantime.

  5. I clicked a wrong key I think.My comment may have gotten lost? Hope not 'cause as usual it was so thoughtful! :)

  6. Great shots of the storm surf. Hope you get a break from all the wetness soon.


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