January 11, 2010


Car buying: Georgette, George, and Grumpy 1995; no one was this thin including the truck but I don’t know how to fix it.

Himself: Visited a bunch of cars in lots, cars online too. No one returned any of his calls. Dinner, spoke marvelously tho he thought his speech needed more humor. Today swam, jobs, and cars. Movie?

Herself: Yesterday, mucho better tho needing quiet, was cheering section for G. Today back into the pool for the first time in forever. Coughed. Discouraged. Can climb one flight of stairs with no panting.

Reading: Cadell.

Balance: Quiet.

Cars. We found several cars in the two to three thousand dollar level that would do nicely for Lessa…but not for our budget. We kept looking, networking, even turning them on to discover disasters under the hoods.

I thought….“No wonder they were traded in.”

“This one has been in the sun its whole life. It’s totally rotten….just like the older Volvos.”

All the foam padding had turned to powder. All the fabric had disintegrated. No muffler, no front suspension, and they wanted two grand for it. I spotted a nice Toyota Corolla station wagon, but it too was far above our budget.

At another lot, the Geeeeezer found a nice Ford Escort. “It’s totally clean. Never had any body work. Always been garaged.”

Almost two grand above our limit too, but it’s the benchmark.

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