January 19, 2010

Easy, Not Easy

Grandpa, Dr. Gunny, the family genealogist on my side. Don’t we all have sides?

Himself: Swam. Both of us were very tired yesterday. We both blamed it on our very poor eating of the day before.

Herself: Swam first. I even took a short nap mid day.

Reading: Cadell’s. You can find a list of her books here on a web site about this author: elizabethcadell.com. She writes romances well peppered with the arts, with history, and with humor.

Balance: Not spending the whole day attempting to get the photos in order. Laughing at myself. Eating right.

G and I did vastly better after we ate a couple of good meals. Balance.

Once I felt human again, I wrote a fulsome letter to Marie Callender’s telling them what I thought of a two hour hamburger in an almost empty restaurant. “Did that suggest your business and staffing models were off,” I suggested, “when the City Café right down the street was jammed and had a line out the door. Facing the other direction was a Denny’s which also had a line out the door.”

I’m glad I retained my rather spare wit.

Very slowly I get dates on photographs buoyed up by a phone call from my CuzT. (Once I even fell asleep at the computer.) He knows nothing about the genealogy of my side of the family he tells me. Grandpa G did it all, I retort, right back to King Henry the eighth era. But I lent all that to G’s brother who is getting it entered into the Mormon Database. What I can do is get a DVD off to CuzT and let him meet all those kids he doesn’t know. I’ll poke around in the garage files later.

If you want me, I’m doing today just what I did yesterday only with a little more ease.


  1. Does anyone wear three piece suits anymore? Love the photo.

  2. What a great photo of your grandpa!!!!!!

  3. why won't your blog archive open up and stay open?


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