January 20, 2010


Himself: Very pleased with himself.

Herself: Very, Very, Happy, then finished one folder in the pictures.

Reading: D. E. Stevenson’s.

Balance: Taking the car up.

”I got a hundred on the driving test,” she told us with glee.

“We are on our way right now with the car.”

“I’m on my way home,” she replied with a smile in her voice.

The skies were dark when we started North, but it wasn’t raining. There she was when we pulled into her parking slot. With driver’s license in hand, we took her over to AAA, she paid for her insurance, and she drove herself home.

We are talking excitement here.

By the time we got on the freeway, it was pouring. She was able to pick up her daughter and go grocery shopping after we left. Immeasurably dryer than if she had taken a series of busses. Her daughter was almost beyond herself with excitement.

So was I.


  1. We always live through their accomplishments.

  2. This cheered me up. I needed cheering up this morning. Last night health care reform died. I tell myself, it's really the little things that are important in life.

  3. Sounds as if you were excited as she was. What a fine accomplishment. Congrats.

  4. This is wonderful. What a happy moment, what a happy face!

  5. Such a beautiful post. I know how proud you are. And I'm feeling very very happy for your daughter and especially so for her granddaughter. Even at 4, this is probably going to remain in memory, however vague it might be.


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