January 12, 2010


The next Margaret Millicent Barnum, aged 8 in her beautiful bi-fold photo holder.

Himself: Swam, hunted for cars online all day. None in the newspapers any more. Almost got one. Shoe and window shopping at Fashion Valley, food court food and “Sherlock Holmes” in an almost empty theater.

Herself: Swam, wrote, put names and dates on the scans. Walk, puttered at the mall, looked for replacement shoes, enjoyed the movie. No panting, felt great, ate M&M’s….ah, guilt.

Reading: Cadell.

Balance: Enjoying the movie.

After a day of plodding with photo dates, of reinventing my labeling techniques to be able to find this or that person in the middle of the chaos that’s my hard drive, I found myself subsumed in the drama that is the newest “Sherlock Holmes.”

Yes, finding a solution to labeling all these many photographs is a very important thing. I can now click one button and have all the family regimented before me by name then date. Rows of Margaret’s. Rows of Thomas’s. But being whipped away out into the world to see a movie was an equally wonderful magic.

Why I am stalling on seeing “Avatar,” I don’t know, but this day I leaned toward “Sherlock Holmes.” There it was in all its steam punk bang and clang, it’s gloomy Victorian Industrial Age colors, it’s wools and taffetas and silks. There in its lavenders, and purples and blacks against the coals greys and earth tones was the majesty of the Empire at its height.

I must tell you, I liked it. I was so swept away by the sets, that I didn’t see a fraction of the movie. I banged on the hall walls as we left the theater in time with the heart beat of the movie’s music. I’ll see it again.

He’s announced that for his birthday, he wants to go out for a good dinner and to see “Avatar.” My waffling is over.

Margaret Millicent in college.

Margaret Millicent walking McGregor, undated.


  1. I hope you don't build up too much hope for Avatar. It is good, but sometimes our expectations outweigh the reality. That second photo looks a little like Glenn Close, I think. Also, not wanting to see Sherlock because I am really a traditionalist and I don't think I would like the slam/bang version.

  2. Incredible! I saw Sherlock Holmes on Sunday and I loved it too. It has all the elements of a good story well told, and I too enjoyed the sets and the cinematography. I wasn't too sure I wanted to see Avatar but living with a science fiction lover I knew I would probably have to. After seeing the previews Sunday I decided if would be pretty nifty to see in 3D, so I expect the next movie I see will be Avatar. Btw, I love seeing the old photographs. Am impressed at your knack for labeling things. (I have a new bookshelf setup in my family room after seeing all your pictures of your grandmother's re-do. Imitation is a sincere form of flattery.)

  3. For MY birthday, I want a family outing to see Sherlock. Glad you enjoyed it. Mr. Bryant tells me that we will go on Monday evening. Hooray!

    You are making great progress on your pictures - and they are treasures!


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