January 9, 2010


My grandfather, Gimpa, at the old Blue Mound Country Club. He looks accessible in this shot. Slowly I scan the pictures.

Himself: ...had a good day. Got to apply for a couple of jobs. Didn’t find a car tho called on quite a few.

Herself: Went to the Cancer Society and had to call for a ride home. As the day went on, I got vastly better. Spent afternoon and evening in bed.

Reading: Anything.

Balance: Quiet.

Since my regular doctor was out, I was assigned a new young thing who has been acting just like the docs at the VA. They are used to dealing with alcoholic old men who take their pills and nothing ever happens to them.

Panting and dizzy, I got dressed and had G drive me to the Cancer Society. Several of the volunteers there told me that they had similar symptoms when they took that drug, so I felt less as if I were going mad. I lasted barely an hour until I called for a ride home.

When I got home, I immediately called the young doc who insisted I come in. I, who has gone through this before with a blood pressure med, said no pleading G’s unemployment. Why pay another twenty bucks just to stop taking a pill. The last time I had a bad drug interaction was when I was at the VA….there they also didn’t believe me sending me for a psyc evaluation. Hello….stop the pill and the patient is cured. Simple stuff.

Just take me off this pill….even tho it worked a month before, it is no longer working, and give me another to complete the cycle of antibiotics. He was loath to do this, and I was loath to be so ill any longer. I know I have to solve the problem of this once again reoccurring, sinus infection cycle, but not on this antibiotic.

Reactions to things are the bane of my existence. You should see what happens with dust.

So here I am, by the end of the evening able to walk across the room again. Coughing a bit by the end of the day, but, using G as a barometer, having him tell me I am vastly better. This morning, I sound sensible, can walk with some panting, and began a new course of another antibiotic that only makes my eyes itch….I hope.


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