January 23, 2010

"Into Action"


Lazy me. There are moments when I don’t want to get out of the truck and into the rain one more time. 2010

Himself: He’s doggedly applying for jobs. Three yesterday. Today he volunteers. This morning, just a quick cleanup for early morning decorating visitors.

Herself: House doesn’t look half bad, Even the bed is made….”This side of the bed doesn’t have any sheet,” he began. Begin moving out of the pantry this morning.

Reading: Stevenson.

Balance: A moment of sunshine first thing this morning.

Those four doors, two up and two down, at the far end of out kitchen comprise our inaccessible pantry. I admit, my long arm has a big struggle reaching to the ends of those shelves, and things like sugar, flour, or rice have gotten lost deep in those recesses more than once.

One of the projects the Geeeee-zer said he would do while unemployed was replace that unusable block of shelves. Yesterday we picked up a unit at Ikea that we can just slide in to the space. Oh, he will have to hack off the top, and too, there will be an extra four inches on one side. He will be building a series of small shelves where baking and roasting pans can slide in and out of that extra space.

Imagine, not long struggle to get that baking sheet out from under three others, unentangled from the enchilada pan, and out from the jam with the mixer. Heaven.

Yes, this kitchen was designed by a male architect who didn’t think much about cooking. Perhaps he didn’t cook. Perhaps he thought other folks didn’t cook much in the seventies. Julia Child had begun her attack on the American cooks with the French Chef in 1963…well before he designed these condo’s. He should have known better.

We will fix that.


  1. I feel your pain. My apartment is the first floor of an 80 year old house anf I can only guess how others survived it. Even I, at 5'10", cannot reach the top shelf in my cupboards. My kitchen is not user friendly. And people wonder why I don't cook.

    Good on himself for making your kitchen nicer!

  2. You are so lucky your partner has skills! I have a new kitchen and by most folks standards it is modern and marvelous...but the person who helped me design it was a marine just back from Iraq working in a kitchen center and I do have some issues ;-)

  3. I know how you feel. Jerry built me a pantry and it changed my life. Since I designed my own kitchen I have only myself to blame for its faults. (And it has some.)

  4. Same old story everywhere! Not to disparage men, but women or at least people who know about cooking and what a difference good design can make should be designing kitchens (and baths)--not those, male or female, who never set foot in there except to eat. I've had the same complaint about every kitchen I've ever had and that's why I usually wind up re-designing every one of them--and then moving! I have a too deep-parts inaccessible one right here in this kitchen. But first we have to re-do that abominable closet in the master bathroom. Whoever did that one tried to do a jaguar makeover on a chevrolet budget! We have a humongous jet tub with a cut out seat so large we can't even fill it up before all the hot water in the tank in the basement is all used up and we can get only cold everywhere until the tank fills up again. We're starting now, one thing at a time. I hope you like LONG notes. Sorry.


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