January 8, 2010


bike4breastcancer rider dipping his back wheel in the Pacific Ocean before heading to the Atlantic, 2010.

Himself: Good jobs now listed at last. At least one a day. Progress.

Herself: Weak, shakey, and faint in the morning, just fine in the afternoon.

Reading: Joy of Cooking, 75th Anniversary Edition. A fascinating read. Look at the history of this book at the bottom of the Amazon Joy page. Even more fascinating.

Balance: Reading.

I’ve been getting out of the house…a little here and a little there. Otherwise I’d be stir-crazy for sure.

Last week, we jaunted from the harbor through the islands. I sat in the car with a book. Day before yesterday we headed up the hill to the lighthouse. He took pictures while I sat in the car with a book.

Yesterday, I was really daring. In the morning, we stopped by the beach to watch the giant crane and tugs put the last of the replacement rocks on the storm ravaged Mission Bay jetty. I confess that I can’t walk two feet without panting now. Being sick isn’t for sissy’s.

Top to Bottom: The sunset view of the city on fire shot from Shelter Island, Sails on the Star of India, and a scrub jay enjoying the sunshine on the Point, 2010.

Class too, tho the leader forgot to ask me if I had anything to read, that was just fine after all. I took a less shaky after eating Georganna and still coughing me home early….when we headed off to an estate sale in La Jolla…..and I managed to make it through the house in pretty good shape.

Yes, I found a couple of cookbooks, but I also spent an outrageous twenty bucks on a small, nicely framed, colorful mola of a toucan. Lots of reds for the living room when it becomes red again. That charming cottage also had boxes of dolls, imaginative Guatemalan fabrics, acres of toys in the garage, miles of picnic things, and lots of small arts and artifacts….everything was still packed up when the lady died.

“That’s it for estate sales,” G announced as we left.


  1. So sorry to hear that it is taking so long to recover from the cold. Do take good care of yourself. I've been very absent from the Internet in the last two weeks, but as of tomorrow, "I'm back!". Mainly because of friends like you.

  2. Getting out 'gently' is important when you have a lingering illness. I don't know about spending money though.

  3. Stunning pictures.

    I love to read cook books.

    Get well. Take everything slowly.


  4. I hate that you are sick. Went and got my H1N1 shot - and had a day of sick reaction from it. Take it slow, get well. Hugs your way.

  5. thanks Mage for posting this video! I love it when people play! Everyone should play more often. So cool to see play in those institutional looking spaces! It's very hopeful!


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