January 25, 2010

Life Simplistic

Himself: Took out and put in cupboard. Meeting in a really loud Jerry Garcia tie. Life isn't a boring lot.

Herself: Family….learned about putting them in numerical order yet again. And again. I hate to bother him while he reconstructs our 1970’s kitchen.

Reading: Not one thing.

Balance: Hiding. At my age.

He banged and whammed, and whacked.

I hid upstairs most of the day. I came down once and risked the wrath of himself to suggest that the shelf heights he was leaving wouldn’t do for the larger slide in pots and pans.

I kept hiding upstairs and came down to photograph and help lift.

I hated to suggest this morning that the door they gave us wouldn’t do. He’s going to make the old doors look like they were still there.

Today we both visit the dentist to get our teeth cleaned. After he applies for a few jobs. Then I hide again until he reinvents the old doors.

Life is not boring. I’m keeping it simplistic though by hiding upstairs most of the day today too.


  1. I think those 70's boxes had no thought behind them at all. I lived in one in New Jersey. First thing I did was put in a new kitchen, even though I seldom cooked. I just wanted to be able to do it.

  2. He has skills and is good looking...how do you do that?

  3. Handsome handyman. And yeah, I used to hide when it was "Tool Time" at my house, too! My ex was absolutely wacko when doing stuff like that!

  4. My G isn't whacko, but to maintain peace I stay out of his struggles unless the plan doesn't work.

    Yeah, I do think he's cute. And oh, yes, Ruthe, I just want to find what I do own. Maybe then I will cook.


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