January 28, 2010


It was time to clean this blockage, tidy this bit, rearrange another bit…..

Himself: Swam, applied for jobs, rethought the construction project when he discovered our old doors were hollow.

Herself: Got that doctor’s visit in.

Reading: Volume three of the Drumberly series by Stevenson.

Balance: Reading quietly in bed at the close of day.

”Oh, yes, that’s pre-cancerous,” said the doctor looking at my forehead, bringing out her long swab and cup of dry ice while I told her “all” off my list.

“I liked the torch thing better,” I suggested

“This covers a smaller area.”

I think I would like to have the larger area and speed of killing those cells off than the agony of her swabs.

She got my nose, ear, and cheek too. Said I needed an upper GI for the esophageal leakage and coughing, to which I replied no. Not yet. Thank you. I’m trying a new, overly designed packaged nasal spray, and I told her that I might switch to Kaiser next year. No one is happy about that maintenance decision.

I came home to finish the family album at last….much like getting my nose, ear and cheek done. Maintenance….getting those lost photographs in order. Then I tackled the poem I am to read today…..getting my dead cells in order here. More maintenance.

Dinner was a well balanced peanut butter and jelly sandwich a portion of which plopped itself down the front of my shirt. Even more maintenance.

It was that sort of day when you laugh at yourself.


  1. Indeed!!!! And remember, tomorrow is another day.

  2. Mage, sounds awful. Is the doctor secure that she/he got the area removed?

  3. I have the esophageal thing too. I'll try to squeeze in a few minutes to email you this weekend. I need to figure some things out about it. Your post today reminds me I need to get up close and personal with my dermatologist soon. I need to make a list too!


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