January 13, 2010

One Project Finished

College years, UC Berkley, Charles Lawrence Gunthorp….that pipe killed him.

Himself: Swam, applied for two jobs, and actually got three call backs on vehicles including a Ford Exploder that’s really a winner within our budget and a Honda that’s tired.

Herself: Swam, finished the first album scan project. Today, swim, visiting the Explorer then putting away the Christmas boxes. Afterwords I will add a few more jpg's to round out the album contents.

Reading: Cadell.

Balance: Finishing the first big project.

I’m amazed. It’s done. Lots of long ago and far away people, places, and things. There they are now, in my computer reduced to bytes and kilobytes on my hard drive.

Daughter Lessa wonders where her nose comes from. I keep telling her that it’s from her father’s mother. Her father’s mother is first in this receiving line at Bruton Parish Church next to my father, mother, me, PAH, and a happy kid I do not remember. What I care about is Lessa’s nose.

I also note that being a slob seems a natural state of being. Sweats aren’t flattering, but they make sense when you clean stoves for a living…..for your antique spaces. They make sense if you spend your days getting wider in front of your computer too. Then again, if you hide your badly stained hands, you can do two things in one day like go to an art opening or a funeral, or or…..


  1. There is something about your smile that makes me not notice what you have on!

  2. What a lovely compliment from Tabor.

    Good to hear you can make one big cross though your list of projects. Must be a nice feeling.


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