January 16, 2010

Saturday Lite Too....

Stove on the Star of India.” How would you like to cook on that? 2007

Himself: Swam, jobs, took Lessa’s SUV to Mechannic, dropped me at work, networked, worked on computers and got Lessa’s going again, played games.

Herself: Just about the same as G. Really bad smelly stuff in the back of the shop that slowed me down.

Reading: Cadell’s.

Balance: Warm under the covers.

  • Life in tiny bytes….that’s mine. G glued the leather ties on my moccasins into their bows, and now I don’t spend a high percentage of my days retying them so I don’t trip over them. What a gift he gave me. Hot glue to the rescue. Every time I look at my feet now, I smile.

  • When I switched the living room back to red, could I find my new red quilt? It’s pretty bad stuff when you lose something just after you make it. My daily cry became, “Where’s the red quilt?” Both the Geezer and I looked everywhere plus under the bed. When I began looking in places for the second time, he took over…..and found it in the bottom drawer of grandma’s commode. I hadn’t thought it would fit.

  • The other daily whine had become, “Where’s my black vest?” He found it in my closet filed under “black.” Obviously, I should be certified. The forms would read, “All forms of memory lost but not forgotten.” Gee.

  • Heading into the homestretch with the family album, I spent yesterday afternoon dragging and dropping huge volumes of other scanned family pictures into the new folder. Only when I was done with the scanned stuff did I discover that dragging and dropping to put things in order within the album itself is going to prove a pure agony of wasted time as I watch the picture move at one slow, tiny click at a time. One of those “if I only had’s.” Now I know to drag and drop in groups of ten or less to the folder and put them in order immediately. Windows explorer is a really useful utility, but one can’t drag and drop a mass number of objects inside it with any ease. I’ll just spend my day being patient. Grrr…..

  • ”It’s ready for high speed driving,” our long term mechanic said when he called us. He’d given it the once over, and she has a tiny oil leak from a transmission oil cooler hose, and the original hoses are still on it and she has to never let it overheat….having AAA will be useful. Putting new shocks on it gets her on the road safely. No more squeaks. The DMV is closed today and Monday, so Tuesday will be the first day she can do her written test and get her insurance. We will take it up to her as soon as she get’s proof of those to her building management. Did I say I didn’t like to drive our freeways in the rain…..oh well.

  • Cooking: I found what I thought might be a really good, new cold slaw. I love slaws. I collect slaws. Really. The tin fish’s slaw is my latest find, but it’s not for the dieter at heart. Then last week, I found a new one in a Joy. It asked for 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar which, of course, turned all that cabbage, carrots, and other veggies into a brown slaw. If it tasted good, who cared. I cared. Inedible. G loved it. Isn’t it interesting how two people can view something so differently.

  • It’s a “Feaster” night tonight. Crazy retiree’s chowing down at a local Italian place. It’s rated the best in the city, and it has Veal Parmesana something one of our eaters is always looking for. We can actually walk….if it isn’t raining.


  1. Regarding the Windows drag and drop can't you use either the shift key to collect the rows of files or the ctl key to select individual files at a time and move them to the folder?

  2. I think that looks like a great stove. As for losing things, I give up entirely. I'm just going to buy a new potato masher.

  3. Since cooking for one is a serious drag, I would be up for the veal parmesan feast.

    And know I don't know where anything is either.


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