January 13, 2010

Second Project Finished

Himself: Swim, car stuff, more car stuff, and take the Christmas tree down. Then all the usual…..

Herself: Swim, car stuff, I read here and there, more car stuff, and take the Christmas tree down. Turn the living room red instead of blue, and eat. I did overcook the pork chops.

Reading: Cadell.

Balance: Being able to run up two flights of stairs….who cares if I panted at the top or not….then run back down again.

Read G’s entry for all the details.

Suffice it to say, one man said he was on his way…twice. He never showed. Another man came, saw it, said he would be back in the morning with the cash, and never showed. G made an appointment, we showed up on time, he had the cash, we signed the papers and paid. All we lack is one signature, hers, which we will get tomorrow when we see Lessa.

It’s spotless and just what she needs.

It will need new tires in 20 thousand miles, a new windshield, ditto muffler, shocks now, and when G called AAA, he arranged membership for her. She can be towed if she breaks down. Got an insurance quote too.

Can’t you see me dancing in the streets?



  1. That is one nice looking car. How good you guys are.

  2. Beautiful car. And so clean. Glad to note that you seem to have climbed back up on top of the world. Glad you're so much better.

  3. My grown son really needs a new car...his has way over 200,000 miles and we probably could afford to get him something. But his is 30 and employed and should be able to manage himself. We bought him the one he has now back in college!

  4. Congratulations on the project completions and the car! Fabulous!


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