February 19, 2010

Adaptive Reuse 3

This used to be a Dean’s Drive Thru Photo Service. A little tiny kiosk that’s now a Mexican Restaurant.

Himself: Hunted for jobs, walked on Shelter Island, and played Fall Out 3.

Herself: The Geezer is my hero. Not only has he been keeping up the house, he’s been cooking all the meals. Really good stuff too….except for the three cups of noodles last night.

Reading: DE Stevenson’s.

What can I say. It’s common cold time here. Life is not nice. I still cough, blow my nose, and nap. Himself let me sleep a full two hours yesterday afternoon, and I woke up feeling vaguely human again.

Yes, himself is doing daily wipedowns with those Chlorox wiper thingy’s.

Yes, I am spraying my sinus after wiping down my sprayer, and am taking those nice big blue pills to have productive coughs. I don’t think I am really contagious and will go to work today for three hours far, far away from customers and most volunteers.

I’m sorry about sharing all my misery, but I needed to record it.

In the meantime, I share one inventive building reuse on University Avenue.

Our town used to be littered with these Dean’s Drive Thru Photo booths. Most have now been converted to drive through coffee shops. This one has a few added Aztec excrescences and has evolved into a Mexican Restaurant with an air conditioner top hat.


  1. Graciou, I hope you recover quickly. Don't send those pesky germs up this way.

    The Mexican restuarant is really cute, but where do they find the space to cook and serve people?

  2. Hope you are feeling up to more activities soon. I have some boat (ship) photos that I will post in a week or so...took them just because I knew you liked this stuff...I am not a boat person myself that much.

  3. Get well soon! And kvetch away -- venting when one feels lousy helps!!!

    Love the lil' restaurant -- can I assume it's a takeout?

  4. This can't possibly be the same cold you came back from your cruise with, is it?

    Sorry, haven't been blogging or commenting much. Will improve soon.

  5. i like the drivethru foto place turned restaurant.


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