February 18, 2010

El Bar

The humor of the language meld delights me. 2010.

Himself: Wanted to run errands. Took back all the unused IKEA parts, stopped at the Habitat for Humanity to look at bathroom parts, and drove down University one more time.
Herself: Very quiet. Feeling better…..except my head is still all clogged up. Stayed up and watched White win the half pipe.
Reading: The DE Stevenson Amberwell duo.

I continue to delight in the colors we find in the Barios. The Vietnam and Cambodian neighborhoods are more sign filled but far less passionate. The Somalian areas keep their colors on their bodies, so I am left with the Hispanic neighborhoods to share there colors with all of us.


  1. Actually, you find the language thing outside the U.S. in Spanish speaking countries. I just checked my big Spanish-English Dictionary and 'bar' is listed. Definition? bar!!!

  2. The colors here are so vivid. The complete opposite of the dull that I feel. (Nothing a good night's sleep won't cure.)


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