February 15, 2010

Hearts and Lace

A Tiny Valentine’s day street stall. 2010.

Himself: He had a wonderful time driving up and down University Avenue. Set up, greeted, and supported. He’s so funny sometimes.

Herself: Allergies or another cold. I’m remarkably unappreciative. Spoke, 4 minutes. Some Olympics before bed.

Reading: A late Cadell.

Balance: And end to this round of sickness. Enough.

We drove round trip from Whitebread land to Whitebread land at the other end and back again…..on a Sunday morning with the sun in my lens. The streets was not filled though the areas around the Vietnamese Neighborhood Association were crowded as were the church lots and neighboring sidewalks. We did get some delightful images despite our poor timing.

We saw small local kiosks everywhere. Some blocks had three or even four. Reds and pinks and lace….Valentine’s day goodies on almost every corner. Balloons here and teddybears there all plastic wrapped sitting on boxes of candy tied to this or dangling from that. Some of these mom and pop stalls had piñatas others had everything plus fresh flowers.

Over here on quiet side of the city, we have single folks selling flowers on street corners. Just a few miles away, this custom has grown and blossomed into an industry that must keep many families working hard all year for one to two days of sales.


  1. Wonderful images. I got behind on your posts and read a few back ones. I have so much to say to you. When I come to San Diego to see my sister we have to get together. My niece is an alcoholic who has been with AA for many years.

  2. Operating off of my hubbys very old laptop and it is impossible to read blogs, and keep up with email. I can see I have been missing stuff from your end!

  3. i like this. i should have documented v'day in philly . . . where i was gallivanting.

  4. It's so nice to see pictures that don't have snow in them.

  5. I'm glad you put these up. There don't seem to be many people around to buy any of the stuff available in those sad looking storefronts. Love the wrong way sign. I wonder if it worked?


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