February 2, 2010

Mildly Heroic

Imagine, all the storage ware on one shelf, at eye height, easily accessible. I’m gobsmacked.

Coffee Bean Goddess: Dee of the blog Coffee Bean Goddess has died. She was one of the first blogs I found here on the web, and I have been a dedicated reader of her adventures ever since. Her brother left us a note on her last entry to let us know she died in her sleep. She will be much missed.

Himself: Swam, and worked his tail off on the cupboard. Bought one more drawer.

Herself: Swam, meeting, dealt with DVD’s that hated my computer. I learned a lot, but did I need to know all this.

Reading: A new old Cadell that came from a used bookstore today.

Balance: Reading.

When I got home, I came up the stairs to find the new pantry doors installed with the hinge on the outside. Management did not approve of this Labor decision. I’ve been trained to be a people pleaser. Keep the world quiet around me no matter what. Not with the hinge on the outside.

He’s still speaking to me, and later today the bifold doors will be reinstalled with the hinge hidden.

In the meantime, I was up here struggling with formatting the RW DVD’s I was going to use. One had something on it, and after consulting via the bathroom window to the garage two floors below, I tried to delete the something. Not.

It’s been years since I’d seen the blue screen of death. And too, I must say that VISTA isn’t as friendly when one just crashes it….improperly shuts it down with one impatient push of the button. The error messages for the rest of the day thing did not keep us amused.

I completed two RW DVD’s by dragging and dropping by individual folders. Why? Because the machine said the disc was too small to take my photos in their entirety. It wasn’t. The one single photograph of the Margaret Millicent who died at ten wasn’t there when I was done tho. You would have been proud of me as I calmly, without one single swear word, found the photo, turned on the XP computer with which the old style scanner works, scanned the picture, dragged it to my computer, and still not swearing put the picture on both finished RE DVD’s. Then I put everything away again.

I felt quite heroic...with his help.

He felt quite heroic for putting up with me.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Argh!!!!! I hate Vista, too, and have seen the blue screen of death a few times so I feel your pain.
    I'm praying that when I make some changes that will network my computers, I can manage it with minimum pain. Right.

    Your new cupboard is a wondrous thing and I envy you!!!!

  2. Just wait ... Just wait until you migrate to Windows 7. Get rid of all the razor blades in the house before you do.

  3. Hinges...sminges...he is a keeper!

  4. I have a horribly inefficient pantry where things get lost too. Can I borrow G for a couple of days? (Hubby's going to hate him, 'cause I keep finding things in the house that ought to be "done right"!


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