February 20, 2010


Two words can be clearly deciphered on the stern of this barge: "Berthing & …….. Program." Personally I like the fact that these twp tugs, with their Z drives, go forward, sideways, and backwards with equal ease. See the video below. 2010.

Himself: “I got the updates to install on your computer, estates sales, lunch, job search, dinner, Olympics….that’s about it.”

Herself: Worked three hours shakily and sweatily at the Cancer Society. The really modern manager was there, and things looked and ran normally as a result. Two estate sales. One was the father of an old plunge friend. We had a good visit. Dinner. Olympics, and bed very early.

Reading: A 1930’s DE Stevenson.

Balance: YouTube Z-drive Tug video. Lots of fun.

Walking along the ocean, walking by the bay, the height of luxury for me. Although that young doctor probably knows best, I wonder if I can add a gentle wander alongside water to my jogging in the water. I’ve been so very tempted. Can I start leg lifts again? Oh, dreams.

The day was hazy, dense, perhaps a foretaste of the great swaths of rain that were headed our way again.

While he walked, I read and photographed lazily from the front seat of the car. Ships came in and out. Navy ships with hidden numbers. Number 20, and there it was right there on the identification sheet. Something smaller coming in. A Chapter read, I looked up to see something flat. A barge perhaps with one…no two tugs.

When the navy rebuilds and modernizes a ship, not only do they wrap the ship in plastic to preserve the environment, they move the crew off but don’t like to see the crew moved shoreside. Not only can they lose them into the world, the base, and other commands, they lose them as a well trained whole crew. Accommodation berthing barges, tied right up next to the ship, are the solution.

Here, a landing ship dock leaves the shelter of the bay. Grey mists swath not only the ship but the bottom half of the city. I still feel as if I am wandering the day in a bit of a mist, so I don’t mind.

Photo: G. 2010.


  1. Very interesting post. Thanks.

  2. great pics!! is that fog or just haze beyond the warship?

  3. I love boats and the water and these photos are so wonderful!!!!

  4. Go carefully with extra exercise. I went a bit mad in my first aerobics class in my fifties and broke a leg:)


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