February 12, 2010

Moovin' on Out

Himself: Did lots of job hunting.
Herself: Swam, read poem. They liked it.
Reading: Cadell.
Balance: Getting moving.

I need to bestir myself, and with camera in hand go out and get some fresh images for my files. Here I am, deep diving in the Star Of India folder, when instead I need to be making new images. I need to just do it. Just get moving.

Oh, there’s lots of excuses. It’s been too wet, too cold, too busy, too tired, too sick. Shame on me.

This weekend there’s to be a break in the winter weather, and I want to get off my computer and out into the world. There’s been lots of shots I’ve missed. Lots of, “Oh, look at that,” combined with, “Oh, I left my camera at home.”



  1. Good for you. I have benign essential (familial) tremors so picture taking is often an exercise in frustration for me unless I want to take the time to sit up a tripod.

  2. Put those memory snapshots down on the page--may here so I can read them. They're sometimes as good as the real thing.


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