February 6, 2010

Out, Out Darned Dishes

Packed and ready to go. Photo with the 2 P camera.

Himself: Swam. Worked all day plus late on the movable shelves for the spice cabinet.

Herself: Swam, and sorted a wonderful donation of hundreds and hundreds of shoes that covered every counter. Have begun hitting thrift stores looking for new swim suits. I’ll iron this afternoon while he is volunteering at the museum.

Reading: A Stevenson.

Balance: An hour late afternoon to enjoy the colors in the living room.

This is the second set of dishes I’ve given Lessa. She doesn’t need them. She has the 1939, dark green Russell Wrights and now this Blue Ridge/Southern Potteries set we are taking up today.

I don’t need them either.

There I was, walking to Old Town for the exercise. There it was right in the front window of the Salvation Army store two miles from the house. It was a complete set of 1950’s dishes that matched my blue and white kitchen. Complete….tho one of the bowls was cracked.

I didn’t use them. There they just sat for years, first on the bottom shelf on display, then later they were moved higher and higher until they were out of sight up on a top shelf. They are darling pattern if you like country style, hand painted dishes. They are happy things, but I already had three sets of Southern Potteries. Better than the five of six sets we used to own while we ran the antique and collectible shops.

Lessa likes them. Today we will drive them north to deliver them to her house, and while we are there I can looked for swim suits at my favorite thrift store. But no more dishes.


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