February 28, 2010


One of two sets of new placemats. Truly saturated color. 2010.

Himself: Applied for jobs, played games, worked at the museum, ate soup and enjoyed it too, watched Olympics.

Herself: Wrote, read, ate, wrote, shopped, cooked the Alton Brown soup whole roasted, salad, muffins, and brownies…enough for days. Olympics while I read. Still coughing up guck when I move around yesterday. Climbed several flights of stairs and didn’t cough today.

Reading: A middle aged E Cadell.

Gratitude: Soup, Cadell, always G.

I like saturated color. You knew that. I’m always showing pictures where the color is strong and pure….except when it rains. I’m always pushing the color envelope into purer colors and stronger contrasts.

My acid green serving plate is a true example of color saturation. Flat out exciting color unless you put food on them. Then again, they go wonderfully with those heavily saturated placemats I picked up at Amvets this week. Exciting stuff. There’s nothing bland or mixed about these colors. I’m sure they will turn a steak beige or a green bean orange. Colors do that to each other.

I like food that looks like food no matter the dishes they sit on. Then again, I am a failure at white dishes.

By pure luck, G and I found these older, Russell Wright, cinnamon colored plates at Amvets many years ago…here’s a whole set half way down the page. That day, they were dollar something a plate. Dear G gave me a whole set a few years later. They work for us. Somehow this gentle, glowing brown works well with food of any color. Tho they are a delightful strong color, they are not a true unmixed color, a saturated color. By sheer chance the other day, I found another set of placemats of a gentler value range.

I know, I’m silly. I love playing house, but I have no money to play house with. Still spending two dollars here or two dollars there doesn’t offer the same shock value as a couple of hundred here or there. I can laugh in delight over my saturated colors for weeks as someone might when going to a comedy or watching something on TV. I can sit in my living room chair with a good book to look up and laugh over a bit of saturated color.

Sometimes, I just smile over me too.


  1. Absolutely lovely!!!!! I can't afford much either and when I started over on my own 10 years ago, I began with nothing but a box of dishes and cookware and some bed linen. I winnowed and replaced $5-$10 (a $20 purchase was downright profligate!) at a time at thrift and clearance and gradually my home became a home and I don't know how to shop any other way.

    When I got my back Social Security a couple years ago and decided to purchase some new furniture, I actually had to take myself away from the salesman and give myself a lecture because the idea of spending hundreds of bucks scared the hell outta me.

    Frugality is an insidious habit but I love it. Do you have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore there? A wondrous place!!!!

  2. Your Saturated Color Makes me SMILE, and you do to. :)

  3. Gee, playing house meant something totally different to me many years ago and I don't remember it costing money!

  4. The best line of your post today is "Sometimes I just smile over me too." Isn't it nice to be in a place in your life that you can do that?

    I also like vivid colors, thus my new brick red sofa. Didn't think I could handle one more piece of beige furniture.

  5. I'm into dark reds and dark purples, but your saturated colors make me smile, too.


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