February 23, 2010

They Say.....

An artistic reinvention for one of those green communication boxes. North Park, 2010.

Himself: His, “Not a whole lot,” belies all that’s going on in his head.

Herself: Back to living yesterday with the water aerobics, meeting where I got to sit next to a friend, Ross where he found Levi’s not the dress pants he needs and I found a bra, and on to Habitat for Humanity Restore where we found some terra cotta colored tiles for the bathroom floor at $1.17 each,

Reading: A very fragile DE Stevenson paperback.

Gratitude: Studies show that if we write down three things we are grateful for every day, our lives will change for the better: 1. Paid for truck. 2. Small room heaters. 3. Almost brown hair at almost seventy.

They say that if you write about your gratitude, your whole life will improve. The great “They” also suggests that if your immune system is down, getting rid of stress helps. For a moment or two, the Great G suggested it was all his fault that I’m stressed out, and it took me a little effort to make my point…..if I am stressed, it’s ME that’s stressed. It’s my problem, and I can alter my thinking.

I don’t have to eat over life. I don’t have to go shopping over life to make it better. In all actuality, life is pretty darned good if one stays in the moment.

The moment says that we are living in the lap of luxury. Life is a pretty darned good thing….job or no job, and if I feel differently I’m the one who needs to do something about it. Simple thinking for a simple woman. That’s me, and I am starting with a gratitude list.


  1. Sounds like a good plan to me. We strive and we accept that which does not change. But we still strive and hope.

  2. Excellent idea, we all need such a list, and I suspect we'd all have very long lists.

    Now about all this stress and low blood counts. My husband is the least stressed person I know. The doctor marvels at his stress level. Here's his blood counts.
    WBC 1.4 (norm 4-10)
    Neutrophils (Gran) 0.5392 (norm 2-7)
    Platlets 52 (norm 150-400)
    RBC 4 (norm 4-6)
    The best diagnosis we've gotten is "Idiopathic".
    Stress is not the cause of everything.

  3. Well, maybe spending a few moments every day thinking about what you are grateful for is a good exercise. Maybe asking other people to think good thoughts about you is also good. Yet, when one is sick and can't get rid of a cold for the longest of time, maybe you can let out an occasional "drat, I am so sick of this!" sentiment as well. I'll be sending you good thoughts your way. Can you send some good thoughts to my son, who is taking is final exams tomorrow and the next few weeks?

  4. I am a great one for counting my blessings but there are days when even that doesn't help so don't fret -- this, too, shall pass.

  5. The grateful journal is a great idea. Makes you focus more on the positive and less on the negative. That's gotta be good. I think I should come back and read this particular post every day to remind me. I have it good too. And we should all be better to focus on each day as it comes.


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