February 17, 2010

You Can’t Handle the Tooth Fairy

Vibrant colors in this part of town.

Himself: Let me sleep in, let me nap, and brought me all my meals. I am so very grateful.

Herself: Napped, Olympics, slept. We are “so over this”…as one of my granddaughters would say.

Reading: A Connie Willis novel that I didn’t know was a first book in a duo. It’s well enough written so you care about the characters, darn it. I will have to buy the next one to find out what happens. I just wish the print had been larger.

You may doubt the cleanliness of the “Carniceria,” but you would appreciate the native ingenuity of the business owners.

They catch your eye with color topped with ten thousand signs, then each store blows you away with how many services they offer.

One of my very favorite store fronts, in read and black, just calls itself “El Bar.” The bar.

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  1. You certainly find some interesting places to travel in your city. I love to shop in the Portland neighborhoods that have been down but are now working their way up again. The architecture is so interesting, although, I have to admit, some of the architecture in the pictures you've shown lately leave something to be desired.

    Hope you saw that I had to change my blog address. I hope you will follow me there. http://hillinlr.blogspot.com/


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