March 24, 2010

Birthday's and Other Friends

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too. 2010.

After getting two poems ready for Thursday, I readied two of my tiny books to mail off… to Kay in Northern California and the other to one of Duck’s Jay friends. Kay always sends me her books, and I did get a plaintive note from her about buying one. The other to Jay who we haven’t seen at all lately.

It’s really satisfying to get small positive things like that done.

On the road again, we found ourselves at the Escondido Amvets where G found an amusing hat and I actually found two Speedo’s in the extra large size….and I am so fat now that it’s hard to see me for the roundness. Dinner with Lessa and M….whose normal kid behavior went down the tubes and a needy whiney child appeared. I liked dinner. Dinner (or the cake) didn’t quite like the Geeeeezer (who was miserable all night).

At Lessa’s cottage, kids, parents and friends slowly trickled in, M’s behaviors improved, and we were able to be quiet in our own corners. Jello cake, presents, and we had a chance to hug everyone before we left.

I was explaining to one teenage visitor about who we were while pointing, “That’s my daughter Lessa, and that’s the other daughter Lenora. There’s my granddaughter Mohave, and over there is granddaughter M. And this is grandpa Geeeezer.” Perhaps I was feeling very matriarchal all of a sudden.


  1. Love the photos!!!! Looks like you had a really nice day!!

  2. Matriarchal is a good feeling, isn't it? What a lovely cake.

  3. Looks like some good family time was had by all.

  4. Like the idea that bad behaviour in a child is just a matter of leaving the normal stuff. Sounds as though you did have a good time. A day's road trip is nice.

  5. Kids do sometimes show their worst side and we just have to roll with the ups and downs since they are not our kids.


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