March 5, 2010

A Day Together

Together on the bow of the Ryndam. 19 pounds lighter too. 2009.

Himself: No jobs yesterday. To Lessa’s. Donuts. Amvets, nothing, bay, doc, sit. Noodle House….great stuff. Played Fallout 3, and watched Project Runway.

Herself: Lessa’s….Her truck looks great. She is looking good and doing really well. I’m so proud of her. “You’re your mother have any trouble communicating with you,” asked the therapist. “Nooooo….” we said together laughing. Donuts. To Amvets where I got two shirts….one identical in color, size, and brand to the one I wore out. Another visit to the doc. Reading. Diner. Project Runway.

Reading: Willis.

Gratitude: Willis, G, and despite it all, the doc.

Stopping the coughing is the goal. Stopping the panting comes later. I had to tell her that the inhaler was forty bucks and beyond my nonexistent budget. She looked, and everything was still irritated. They now have a shot instead of the IV for the steroid. Felt like I had been stabbed in the rear. The same stuff as a pill for the week too. Ex-rays.

Taking a break, sitting in my favorite chair with the Willis and recovering from the day. Heaven is peace and no coughing.

G wanted to head down to the “OB Noodle and Saki Bar.” New, crowded by the young and perhaps hip beach folks, it’s a very popular place. I saw padded seats in the bar area but was soon pushed out by the pulsing music sounds set at sonic boom levels.

We found a stool by an open window in the eating area. Here the waitress can stand out on the sidewalk to take our order through the window for “Authentic Vietnamese Food.” We shared Chicken Lettuce Wraps that were excellent, and a bowl of Pho….the traditional meatball, noodles, and veggie soup. Following this we each had a separate entre…..mine a tender slice of steak over cold noodles, veggies, and a really pleasant sideways cold sauce. G had something pork….he doesn’t remember what it was, but it was really, really good. All this arrived at light speed served with a smile.

The bar was jammed, the food was superb and served by the owner who treated us old folks well. Kids would come outside and smoke at the tables on the sidewalk. Once or twice drug dealers sold to a patron or two then drove by again in hopes of catching another sale. Did they think we were blind? Did they think the apartments weren’t filled with watching drug officers? Dog walkers sauntered by. Local workers came home on this favorite street into OB. We were the audience with surround sound.

Dinner was an A+. The surroundings, perhaps much like those on any busy city street in the sun, were riveting in their own way. We will do that again.


  1. Sounds like you're good at hanging tough so keep it up.

  2. Oh the restaurant sounds yummy. I still have not tried Pho. I love Udon and Ramen and so I am sure I would like it. Your cough sounds miserable, helaing vibes heading your way.

  3. Oh the restaurant sounds yummy. I still have not tried Pho. I love Udon and Ramen and so I am sure I would like it. Your cough sounds miserable, helaing vibes heading your way.

  4. You are a handsome couple.

    And what a great dinner you had!!!

    Get well, dammit!!!!

  5. Think Kay's comment says it all, very precisely. About the drug dealing with the restaurant guests. When did it become so casual? Couldn't the guest get up and walk around the corner? People seem to have become resilient to the concept that some things (especially those that are illegal) are kept private. I'm sending you all sorts of healing thoughts.


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