March 31, 2010


Above: The lifeboats after restoration. Below: Before. They are working hard on the lifeboats as I write this. 2010.

Himself: He actually found a few jobs to apply for after swimming.
Herself: Very busy day when I wasn’t dozing off. Now I know exactly how he was feeling last week.
Reading: Finished the Claiborne and appreciated his list of most important cookbooks.
Gratitude: Amvets, G, and sunshine.
I was up and at ‘em, dozing, moving here, dozing, swimming there, dozing, hitting Amvets to find a new suit, then dozing off the minute I would sit down again….a day of dozing.

Poor G. He came back from the birthday party with a little bug we thought might be food. Nope….not food, and for a few days he dozed his days away. Poor guy sure didn’t feel good at all. Now the last two days, the biggest activity in my life has been sitting down and falling directly into a doze. Head jerking is me. For a while there I worried that I was coming down with Dr. Jay’s disease. Nope, just G’s disease.

If you want me, I’ll be living life as normal when I am not dozing off.


  1. Poor dears. Get well soon. I came down with a violent flu on Monday. Just getting back on my feet today. Yuck.

  2. Sounds like you got bit by some wierd fly. Although dozing is a nice respite when not feeling well.

  3. If you're not feeling too bad, dozing during sickness can feel pretty good. My cross to bear these days is not being able to sleep, period, other than brief dozing between 10 and midnight and sometimes between 3 and 5 (if I'm lucky). Since I'm late reading, I'm sure you're all better now. Good luck with all those computer problems.


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