March 30, 2010

Food, Food, Beeuteeful Food

Top: A display in the main lobby of the woods used aboard the Queen Mary that also reflects the photographer. Below: A listing of the various woods. 2010.

Himself: Swam first. Job hunted, took the closet cleanings to the store, grocery shopped, helped cooked dinner, put up with me.

Herself: Ditto.

Reading: Rereading “The Only Way to Cross,” John Maxtone-Graham.

Gratitude: Sunshine, those clean closets, my living room.

How are we going to do this, was my question.

For we are off to the valley for four days, and we don’t want to pay a fortune for meals at convention or hotel prices. So we jiggled menus here and jiggled recipes there, and I made meat loaf.

G liked the new recipe, but I didn’t. Ah well…a lesson learned.

Dinner: meat loaf sandwiches tonight and tomorrow with salads to go with them…(and tons of mayonnaise on the sandwiches to hide the meat loaf.) Thursday dinner out, and the rest of the next four days will be lunches packed in on our backs during the convention. Diet Cokes packed in too. Breakfasts at home.

So we shopped for every day needs too.

I was out of coffee….my chickoried coffee. The local market, once an Alpha Beta Supermarket now a mom and pop grocery store, doesn’t carry my coffee any more, but Ralphs does. Ok. Chocolate chip cookies. Keeblers beats out Nabisco every time. Not at my local market any longer….they now carry some really unknown brand of cookie. Ralphs has our favorites after our local store told us they weren’t made any more. Oh I don’t like prevarications by busy managers. Not only did I eat too many cookies after we found them at Ralphs, I called our local store on their falsity. I also asked if they wanted me to take my grocery shopping to Ralphs.

I like supporting my local store. It’s big, it’s clean, it has what we want….usually, and it’s non union and supports the community. We are aware that the bigger stores can buy in bulk so pay less initially. We know the smaller neighborhood store have to make a profit to stay open. I usually buy less and so save money by shopping there, but I don’t like having my favorites vanish onto the shelves of another, far away store. I must admit I also don’t like paying double for other products that we use regularly like breakfast cereals….she says waving a red flag. A big red flag.


  1. Good for you for figuring a way to avoid high cost convention meals.

    We are also attached to one store. Feels like an old friend. You know where every item is, but once favorite items begin to disappear it causes angst assosiated with finding a new store.

  2. I prefer Keebler, too and it's available at my favorite store.

    I love the grandeur of the wood!!!

    Have fun!!!

  3. I came to your blog because of its name, Postcards. I have a collection of postcards started by my grandfather and always try to place one in my post if I can. I also like your pictures of the Queen Mary. My daughter lives in Long Beach and took us twice for brunch on the Queen Mary, then in November 08 we took a Caribbean cruise on the Queen Mary 2 and loved it. It’s hard to go on other cruises once you have been on the Queen. I also like to shop in our local stores. There is a small fruit and veggie store not far from us and we buy there a lot. I’ll come back to read more of your posts.

  4. I love the pictures of the Queen Mary. It's interesting to read this post in contrast to one I just read on Annie's blog about an acid reflux diet. Yours sounds nicer, if not healthier.

  5. It is always a good idea to avoid the high price of eating out if you can. I take along a banana or apple and those little packages of Pringles chips and maybe a box of raisins. Mixed nuts are also good and filling. String cheese will keep in a back pack for a day.

  6. memory is so selective. i remember that "wood display" from my visit of QM back in 91. thanks.


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