March 26, 2010

Friday Lite

The new Lessa…..oh, isn’t she glorious, Georgette says speaking as a mother, 2010.

Himself: Very much himself all day.

Herself: Very little coughing. I feel half way human again. Fungi tho.

Reading: Julia Child and More Company Too.

Gratitude: G, the weather, Carol Bishop Estate Sales.

  • The little bathroom Remodel purchasing continues: Tile - $48.00, Mirror - $10.00, hanging - $20.00, and now a finished corner cupboard in ugly brushed orange and only five and a half feet tall - $40.00…..G couldn’t buy the wood for that price. Next we need to find a sink and choose paint colors. At that point, we are ready to start.

  • We are going with Ellie….mother to five of our grandchildren, to an estate sale or two Saturday. She thinks it might be fun and has no shopping goals. I haven’t told her of the heartbreak factor. We will start at one in Santee….far far out her direction. Maybe there will be one or two others that catch her fancy also.

  • We have become social critters lately. Dinner tonight with Dr. Jay, dinner tomorrow with the Feasters minus Lee who is still in the hospital but recovering well. Sunday we socialize early at the speakers meeting, and next week we abandon everything and go to the spring Round Up for four days. We are actually going to the ice cream social there, and we have volunteered to do something as part of reaching out. No, we don’t know what we are doing yet. I’ll be able to go to class next Thursday, and I will be able to work at the store Friday. The only day we will have to have our backups work is next Sunday for the Speakers Meeting. Socialization. It all sounds very delightful to me.

  • Written without comment: One Republican refuses to vote yes on the extension of unemployment benefits. Everyone who has been out of work over six months will stop getting their payments as of April 5, and Congress will resume voting on this when they return from vacation on April 15th. Source, San Diego Union Tribune.

  • Life is a rush today. Isn’t that nice. I should be dead from my genetic bad habits, instead we rush off to pick up the corner cupboard and get me to work at the Cancer Society Discovery shop on time. Yesterday, I rushed and found myself at the wrong place at 10:30 am. Class was held at Nati’s….along with forty eaters from the St. James Senior Center. The poem I thought flawed survived with few slashes. The poem I liked a lot was cut to bits by these intelligent editors. Ah, reality.


  1. What do you mean by heartbreak factor and Ellie? Can't believe that any politician would block further help. How can they be so far removed from the realities so many of us are experiencing now.

  2. Hope you feel better soon!!!

    I love finding bargains -- sounds like your bathroom is going to be awwsome. And I hope you have a great time at the estate sale!!!

    A pox on that senator!!!!

    Enjoy today's calm!!!! Tomorrow could be chaos!!!

  3. Yes, I saw Dr. Coburn of Oklahoma was blocking the unemployment funds extension. I guess the Republicans are taking turns now on that one.

    Perhaps the Washington crowd does not understand that if you are drawing unemployment most people need it to buy food and provide a roof over their heads. Passing it retroactively doesn't get it.


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