March 10, 2010


Duck as a Christmas Tree. He was a man who thoroly enjoyed costume parties. 2006.

Himself: Found three jobs in his car field. Breakfast with John, and tho John wrote it in his appointment book, he forgot. He went to work. They had been married 43 years when she died, and he isn’t doing well. The Geezer made his first fritters with a cheese sauce, after I went to the store for eggs.

Herself: Breakfast with just G. Laid out a dummy, and discovered my cheap Word didn’t come with Publisher. That took a while. Hand bleeding but coughing less. Mohave stopped by with her ball gown for the ROTC Ball this year. Lovely pictures arrived of Sally playing in Barcelona’s unexpected snows.

Reading: Robert Crais, “The Watchman.”

Gratitude: G, feeling better, sunshine again.

All afternoon, I ground my teeth. I could hear dear Dr. Luke, our dentist, say, “I see you are grinding your teeth.”

Frustration, I’d reply. But it’s ok. I’m alive to be frustrated, and once I get a handle on all this stuff I’ll be less of a knotted up mess. Then I can go do it again.

Did I say all those free templates need a publishing program to work with? I just created my own templates…..which would be a far, far better thing if I knew what I was doing. Yes, I am laughing at myself.

At least I remembered how to create a dummy. I moved dust motes off a smiling picture of Duck too. I played with the three short stories also. Why am I doing this, going to all this work above and beyond just putting the words online. Some of Duck’s friends don’t go online at all, and if they do they don’t read blogs. Many of our friends, tho they are online, don’t read blogs. Printed and stapled, these small moments would be a nice little gift of love to share.

I have a while this afternoon to hack and slash at thing again. Swimming this morning, lunch with old friends beside the bay, and late in the afternoon I’m getting my hair cut. After, of course, I grind my teeth some more.


  1. I ended up paying for a mouth guard as it appears I also grind my teeth. It is expensive and awkward to wear at be it.

  2. I don't know your story but it seems Duck was an important person in your life. You are doing wonderful work in giving people a way to remember him. Best of all is the gift you're giving yourself as new memories come to mind for you to process.

    Now, stop grinding those teeth.

  3. I'm like Tabor but I don't always wear it in bed. When I bite my tongue the guard goes back in service.
    Are we stressed or something?

  4. My dentist says that at rest the teeth should never touch. I think that's impossible. However, even though I certainly clench my teeth if not grind them, the last time he looked in my mouth he said, "Well, your teeth are going to make it." And what, I'd like to know, does that mean?

    I have been missing your posts from being away, and being sick. I will try to catch up. I need to study up on who Duck is and what you are trying to create as a remembrance.

  5. Love Duck's photo!!!!

    Hope your hacking and slashing yields the results you want!!!

    I'm avoiding doing upgrades on my blog -- the idea overwhelms me.


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