March 17, 2010

A Happy Saint Paddy's Day to You

Left to Right: Copyright page, Plaid story, Contents, title page, back page with experimental colophon, and front page. Not very weighty but full of dignity. Below: A carrier leaving port yesterday, and a car carrier leaving viewed from the top of the point with Mexico in the background. 2010.

Himself: An errand day: Car to dealer…oil, lube, filter, rotate tires, Mss to Kinkos, stop by Discovery shop, lunch, Amvets, Curves, home, checkbook, bank, Michaels, Aaron Brothers, Home…break, pickup car, pick up my tiny book, pick up Marion….visited the point, saw carrier, salad by the bay, take M home, and us here.

Herself: Ditto plus Creme Brule. There’s an awful lot of errors in that little tiny booklette plus they didn’t do a good job on the pictures, but I am pleased and childishly excited to have created this piece.

Reading: Nothing. TV: Back to back NCIS.

Gratitude: M, G, the stunningly beautiful day.

There it is, done. “Ducky Tails: A few Moments with Richard Elliot Caird.” Next time there will be a steeper learning curve as my printer does a better job with the photographs than FedEx’s do.

Next, a few moments with “downtown.” Since I don’t have forty poems, there will be less all divisible by four….with four poems a sheet of paper. I’ll go back to that job today.

How do I feel about all this? Very pleased that the “Ducky Tails” are done, but slightly sad that they weren’t better graphically.

How do I feel about life in general right now? I discovered that perhaps I needed friends in AA instead of this version of a sponsor….and that’s how she sponsors. I looked up yesterday and discovered that my inner slob had won here at the house. I picked up my new used sweater from the cleaners and they liked it. I still don’t know if I like it or not, but I’m wearing it. It needs a belt.

What’s next? LA, Bee’s opening tomorrow of All that Remains. With me with or without a belt. I’m sorry in a way that we live down here and she is up there so I can’t help with the installation. It will be so much fun to see both of them.

LA plans: Drive up. Photograph the Queen Mary. Dinner in the Valley at a deli near the gallery. Show. Sleep at the Queen, and photograph her again in the morning. Lunch at a sunny beach side bistro with SoCal…..who does job search training. Lovely. Home down the coast route.

Hopes: Sunshine. Time with G. Glimpses of the old roads and bits of beautiful blue ocean. Most of all, that Bee is happy with her show.


  1. Congratulations. The book looks good, from what I can tell from the photo. We are always our own worst critics. Relax and enjoy your accomplishment.

  2. Congratulations. I'm sure you only see the little faults now. It you pick it up in a year's time, it will look perfect again. It's been a long way from the actual experiences to this day. Hope you feel able to pat yourself on the back. All the best.

  3. Thank you all. It's a learning journey, and I am very glad to be enjoying the trip. :)

  4. The book looks great!!! Sounds like you have an excellent day planned -- savor it!

  5. It looks very professional to me. Is it too difficult to re-do the graphics? Attending a one woman Man?) show of a friend. That is impressive! I only know one artist really well...he is internationally renown, but I have never attended a showing of his work and we have drifted years apart and I knew him when he was a stockbroker. Maybe I will blog about that some day.

  6. no need to thank me, but it feels nice. and thank you. and happy st P's. i love the third foto down with the car carrier out beyond the cactus. i wish i knew the geography of san diego. have to get there some day. cheers.

  7. what is this thing, book? : D
    congratulations! there is really nothing like something you can hold in your hand...sooo much more lovely than running to the screen and staring!


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